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The Zeus EXO is actually a very different tent from the Mountain Pass EXO. In Eureka speak, EXO means external skeleton ( the frame is on the outside). That is where the similarities end.


The big difference is that the Mountain Pass is a double wall tent and the Zeus is a single wall tent. If you camp exclusively in dry climates with great weather the Zeus is a good choice. Beyond that, single wall tents tend to develop large amounts of condensation on the inside of the tent. Often, this can result in a wet sleeping bag simply from normal moisture in the air. Check out the reviews at this web site for more information www.trailspace.com


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The Alps Mountaineering's Mystique 2 tent came through the backpacking trip great. Here are the pluses and minuses:

+ easy to set up (less than 10 minutes).

+ plenty of room on both vestibules (could always use more).

+ head room was adequate when I was sitting up (I'm 5'9'), but will be hard for taller gents

+ it went through a night of rain, sleet, and snow and I woke up with about 1/8 inch of snow (this is Texas!) on it and not a drop of moisture inside.

+ stood up fairly sturdy in 10-15 mph of wind.

+ less than 5 lb 2oz.

+ for what I paid for it ... heck ... it's great!


- mostly meshed ... it was hard to keep dry why setting up in the rain! But the others faced the same problem in the rain, REI 2 1/2 dome and North Face Road Runner 2.

- two parallel poles mean that you'll have to stake down the corner first before it can stand on its own ... I can't dry/air it in my garage!

- same ... after the snow shower, I couldn't pick up my tent and shake it like my compadres with their REI 2 1/2 dome and North Face Road Runner 2.


For what's it worth, it's a great tent for the price that I paid, but the REI 2 1/2 dome and North Face Road Runner 2 seems to have a slight advantage!



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