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We are getting ready to purchase our first troop trailer this week. We have decided on a Haulmark 7X12 trailer with a single side door and double rear doors. It's a beauty!


Anyway, my questions have to do with the trailer. I am assuming our chartered organization has to actually buy and be the registered owner of the trailer correct?


And does anyne know of any good graphics design we can use on our trailer? I have a graphics designer in California willing to do the graphics work if we supply him the artwork, but I need some ideas. I thought about having the BSA logo and the troop name and city on the sides, with the charter organization information and troop web site information, etc on the rear. But I am looking for a good layout.


Any ideas?

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The Trailer can be registered to the Troop using the Chartered Organization tx exemption number, provided they are a tax exempt organization. Our charter org. is Winterfield United Methodist Church but the Troop paid for the trailer and all other equipmewnt we have, which is considerable. The connection between the two of you is they hold your charter and you own the trailer.


We have no problem with this in Texas. Logos to me are simply unit preference.

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