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13th World Jamboree - Japan

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Probably a long shot but...


At a Blue and gold ceremony many years ago, our Cubmaster and our guest speaker (Scouter from Poland) shared an amazing moment. Turns out they were both at the 13th World Jamboree in Japan and remembered the hiking song they all sang while hiking up Mount Fuji! They broke out in a spontaneous song during the guest speakers pitch - an amazing moment. I wrote down the name of the song then but of course can not find it now (more than 15 years later). Anyone else out there who attended the Jambo remember the song?

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In Japanese class there was a song that sounded like the American sing-a-long, "the other day, I saw a bear...". The only lyric I remember is "aruhi" which from what I google means "the other day".

It's a Japanese, Scout-type song. I'm not sure if it's THE song you're looking for or if this is enough of a hint.

Good luck!


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This one was more like the "old-style" songs of BP akin to the college fight songs - like a Zing-Zang! Bom-bom! kind of song/cheer. Apparently every Scout on the hike, regardless of their nationality, sang it together on the way up. Marty and Jerzy - from Arizona and Poland - were singing it together but never met until 20 years later at the Blue and Gold!


And they both still remembered the song... Amazing, right?

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