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Is IOLS required to take a troop on overnight camping trip ?

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hmmmm, don't think your going to find anything official...



But in our council to recharter as an ASM or SM you are required to be completely trained for your position which includes IOLS.




It is also required to not have your tour permit rejected locally.


You might look at your local councils tour permit system and see if it is listed as a requirement.

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But it's hard to prove a negative, eh? ;)


All I can do is point yeh to da absence of any such policy anywhere in da BSA literature.


Your Chartered Organization, of course, can impose additional requirements beyond those of da BSA, so it is still possible that your individual troop may require one of da adults for an outing have IOLS.




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I attended a 1 day (8 hrs or so) IOLS session and received my card without camping overnight. A neighboring district saw the need for the course as there are plenty of scouters that already have the outdoors skills and don't have the time to break away from families for training.


The "challenge" course, as they call it, focuses more on testing and not the introduction of skills. The trainer was flexible and would spend more time on areas that scouters may have been uncomfortable with.


So while I don't have official policy, I am proof that it's not techincally required.


Council is aware that it is a one day class, as it is advertised that way on the Council training schedule.

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As I understand it, you need to have two adults on a camping trip, at least one of whom is twenty one years of age. And one needs to be a registered Scout adult leader.


I think that could include an 18 year old Assistant Scoutmaster and a 21 year old adult.


To my knowledge, IOLS training is not a requirement.

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Not required.


You can check out the Tour and Activity Plan: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/680-014.pdf


You need to have two adults, one of whom is registered, which means that he or she needs to have Youth Protection Training.

At least one adult must have Hazardous Weather training.


AlsoFor pack camping, one leader must have BALOOFor climbing, you need Climb On Safely and CPRFor swimming you must have Safe Swim DefenseFor boating, you must have Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense, and CPRThat is the complete list as far as the Tour Plan goes.

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While some councils will not allow it, a "test out" or "challenge" option to IOLS is allowed.


For example, when I did IOLS, one of my staffers did not have IOLS. Since he is an Eagle, OA member, summer camp staff alumni, combat medic, etc. I thought he was competent enough to staff IOLS. And yes he was.


Best example was the WB 3 beader who served as an MBC for several outdoor MBs, but never did IOLS due to his schedule (he did WB as a CM). He ended up teaching the course as part of his summer camp duties one year. And that's when he finally got it.

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You've gotten the answer from the forum already.


My district doesn't like to advertise it, but we will be honest when asked/challenged what the minimum is. While some units attempt to earn a quality recognition each year, it seems some units actually aim for the minimum rather than allowing it to be the rare exception.


We state what is JTE Quality, which is different than mandatory leader training, and is different than the checklist on the tour plan.


At least one person needs BALOO (outdoor training) to lead a Cub Scout family camping, along with YPT.


For a troop to go on an overnight camping trip and for Boy Scout leaders, reviewing the checklist on the tour plan it seems like YPT, minimum of two adults (one registered) and one person has to complete weather hazards (online).



Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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