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What non-camp summer trips have you taken?

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Hi everyone!


As we plan our next summer, we have already identified our regular in council summer camp and everyone will be going to that. For the older boys we have some going to Philmont on the high adventure trip. We are also looking to start a tradition of a third summer activity, this one is mainly for younger scouts that cannot go to Philmont, Seabase or Northern Tier.


One easy idea is to choose an out of council camp. But I was also thinking that perhaps we could just arrange our own trip and wondered if other Troops have done something like that. We have a small bus and van that would allow us to go on a road trip. I'd love to hear your ideas on what you've done before.




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Wow, I couldn't imagine being inactive in summer. That's when all the fun stuff happens.


In January 2011, we started a new troop. With the exception of three boys, all the kids were brand new to scouting. Logistically, we couldn't pull off summer camp so instead, later in summer, after the sessions were over, we rented a site at the camp, secured a few hours at the pool and basically did our own troop First Year Camp program. With lots of pool time, we actually practiced rescue stuff instead of once and done. We invited a State Senator to meet with the boys and discuss their duties as citizens. The camp ranger did the First Aid merit badge. We did a five mile hike etc. It really helped get the guys going and building some cohesion. And it was only about $100 per person.


We recently spent a weekend in Gettysburg and had a Cubmaster someone knows who is a battlefield historian give us a guided tour. We joined up with our former troop and some of the more experienced scouts did a 25 mile backpack trek after we left Gettysburg.


We've done several backpack treks of varying lengths.


As scouts, you get to do things most people won't. Let your mind wander. Check out old copies of Boys Life for some ideas.


Good luck and have fun.

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We did a week kayaking trip on a largish lake in the Cascades. It worked out pretty well for taking 12 year olds. The kayaks meant weight wasn't a big issue like it would be for smaller guys on a backpacking trip, but we were still able to do a 50-miler.

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We've done week long 50-milers on the LT in Vermont, Weekend white water rafting, mountain hikes, and in 2010, spent a week in Virginia including a visit to the Jambo! (We really learned the meaning of "hydrate"!) :) Next summer the boys want to spend a week in Acadia National Park in Maine--plans are under way now to make that happen!

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"Wow, I couldn't imagine being inactive in summer. That's when all the fun stuff happens. "


Not in Central Arizona, unless you want to travel a long distance to get out of the heat.


No open flames in the forests for most of the summer...too hot, too windy, too dry. Forests were even closed a good portion except for the Scout camps.

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AlabamaDan, the sky (and your unit's bank account) are the limit for summer trips.


Some of the activities troops in our district in Central Maine have gone on have included:

An extended weekend to the Eastern-most point in the USA (Lubec, Maine) with a trip over the border to Campobello Island to tour the Roosevelt cottage. Campobello Park (or whatever it's called) in the past has given deep discounts to camping scouting units who do a service project for the park (like clean-up litter).

Weekend canoe trips on the Moose River bow trip in northwestern Maine (considered a good beginner/practice run for the next trip on the list--you start and end in the same place with a 1 mile portage to pull it off).

Week-long to 10 day trip on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

Week-long hikes on the Maine portion of the Appalachian Trail.

Same as above, but through the Presidential Range of New Hampshire.

Boston (various tourist things, catch a Red Sox game, and the Freedom Trail).

New York City

Gettysburg/Hersey Park/Washington DC

Quebec City

Extended weekend/week-long trip to various locations in New Brunswick, Canada (King's Landing historical settlement, Fundy Bay National Park, etc.)

C&O (?, can't recall the name) Canal bicycle trip in Maryland

Ten day Alaska Fishing/Hiking excursion (major gung-ho troop who did a lot of fundraising, but pulled it off).

Hiking in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons (same gung-ho troop as previous listed trip, different summer).

Jamborees in other countries (several of our units will attend regional jamborees in Canada when they occur--up there your unit attends on it's own--you don't have to be a jumbled contingent from your council).

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We are very active in the summer, and use the time kids are off from school to take extended camping trips. We usually extended our June camping by a day, coming back Monday afternoon. In August we have a six day five day camping trip, leaving Friday morning and returning Wednesday afternoon. This year we established a base camp on the weekend and then did a three day backpacking trip, returning to camp on Tuesday before heading home on Wednesday.


I can't imagine not camping in the summer, 'cause this really is the time to get out and stay out long enough to really do some camping!

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We are in Phoenix and have meetings all summer long.

Our meetings are held at a very un-air conditioned scout building (with no insulation, the a/c can run all the time and not make a dent).

So the scouts meet outside all summer long.


We go for a pool party one night.

We go to summer camp,

we do a hike up in sedona area (wet beaver creek, clear creek, west fork oak creek)--sometimes with a campout depending on camp locations due to fire danger or sometimes just a day hike

sometimes we have an indoor rock climbing thing, or similar indoor venue.

sometimes head to california to the beach, or a beach along the river.


But weekly Regular meetings are just held outside, with lots of water to drink.


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Moxieman gave some good advice; and I am glad I do not live in AZ. during the summer.


If you want to come up to Michigan, or the best, Northern Ontario, let me know.


I have been taking young scouts into Ontario for the last 25 years. Just returned last week. It is always my favorite trip of the year, and very few bugs in August. We backpacked, canoed, kayaked, and took the Algoma Centeral Railroad into the wilderness for one night (with our canoes in the baggage car). The scouts got to swim in rapids, waterfalls, down a natural water slide, and Lake Superior.



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"I am glad I do not live in AZ. during the summer."


You don't have to shovel heat!


Besides, if it wasn't for the heat, we'd be more overcrowded than Los Angeles...


There's still lots to do in the summer in the Valley and around the state (it's cooler up in Northern AZ, too - as you go north in latitude, you go up in average elevation in Arizona). Lots of lake and river trips, Flagstaff, the Canyon, etc.

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We do:


- 2 x 1 week long AT Hikes a year. Location is progressive. Older boys.

- Trip to Washington DC. (occasionally)Visit the creepy Boy Scout memorial!

- Usually a end-of-the-year beach trip, alternating Florida coasts. Sometimes east coast surfing or west coast sailing. Will recommend Ft Pierce State Park and nearby SEAL museum.

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We go to Scout camp for a week, and none of us adults are willing to give up another week of vacation. This past weekend, we canoed to a island on a lake and camped. It was our second canoe camping trip this year. The other one was over a weekend in the spring, and on a river. We did a weekend backpack hike/campout, and we ride bike trails, on the weekend.

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