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Puerto Rico Scout camping

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Has anyone ever taken a troop to the scout camp at the Puerto Rico Council? When I think about the "Big Ideas" I have for the troop, this is one that has crossed my mind from time to time. If anyone has, what were your thoughts? And what did it take to put it together?

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Funny you should ask this -- we're considering the same thing.


About a year ago, a family transferred up from Puerto Rico to our area and found our troop. I am really glad they didn't decide to join another troop :-). Wonderful people, wonderful stories, good Scout and Scouters.


At summer camp last month, they suggested setting up an "interchange program" so that they could bring up selected Scouts from Puerto Rico to some of our troop outings. I immediately said, "let's figure out how to make this happen." Two days later, we had commitments from two Scouts to fly up for our August outing. We'll see how that goes.


Meanwhile, the family attended our camp, and did much to compare and contrast the two camps (Guajataca, and I may be spelling that wrong, has a cafeteria and bunkhouses -- to them, our idea of canvas tents and cots is very much old-fashioned!).


My mind has been racing on how to expand the program -- their old Puerto Rican troop is good at fundraising, so it is not out of the question that they may be able to get a patrol up here to attend the patrol-oriented camp we go to. Meanwhile, I'm thinking ahead to a few of our Scouts heading down there to Guajataca. The price seems good, at about $185/week. The only other issue is airfare, and maybe setting up some host families for the night before, or night after.



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