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We helped members of our CO remove storm debris from their houses; we helped troop members remove debris; we helped their neighbors remove debris from their lots (hundreds of trees down);

The Red Cross set a minimum age limit of 18 for volunteers in their areas. (kind of excludes Boy Scouts, heh?)


One troop in town set up their large pop ups and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for the volunteers helping with tree removal.



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Not a troop, but an OA chapter. We were part of the local Red Cross's emergency plan to set up shelters.


Also we ad scouts help after Floyd or Fran in 1998 with issuing cleaning supplies.

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back during Fran and Berha in 96 - which was well before I had anything to do with scouting - a local grill/diner owner managed to get his place up and going.


He , with the help of a local troop, spent an entire week feeding Police, Fire, EMS, and US Marines and National Guardsmen who were doing Safety cleanup( things like checking structurs, power lines, bridges, ect...), crowd control, security duties.


Okay, so it was much neded help, but it was also a boost to morale and a good dose of community helping community.



I had no idea who they were , what troop, etc because I wasn't in it back then, but even then, I was proud of a bunch of youth doing a selfless thing!

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