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How bad do you procrastinate?

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"An aspect of the med forms issue, in our troop at least, is that med insurance won't let you have 2 exams in the same year. with many doctors requiring a recent exam to sign the form, the turn in for a given family gets later each year as scout progresses through his career (adults too)."


Be Prepared covers this. I have my physical generally in Dec/Jan, bring the form and have the doctor complete it.I am set for the year and just make copies as neccessary, or two copies in the case of Wood Badge, when they lost the first one.

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Not all medical insurance is the same! But that didn't keep one mom from arguing with me. Her son's annual physical date kept creeping later and later every year, because she insisted that it had to be at least 1 year and 1 day past the last one. Got to the point where, when I was asking for medical forms for camp, she said "but his physical isn't until [mid-week of camp week]".


When I told her that she should check with her insurance company, because ours didn't do it the same way (one per calendar year), she argued with me that all insurance companies were the same, they all had to be at least one year apart, and that she should know better (than me, presumably) because she worked in a doctor's office. She wouldn't even check.


Problem #2 with the same mom -- so when she said she would bring the form with him, when we left for camp, I reminded her, twice, that I'd like two copies of the form. One for the camp, because they don't return them, and one for troop records. Of course, she only sent one. I guess she assumed that the camp could copy it.


I just said in a Scouts-L post that the second biggest headache I have is collecting medical forms every year. The newest incarnation of the BSA medical form still has three primary parts, but now parts A, B and C are all two pages. So instead of 3 separate pages, we now have 6+ separate pages to track. I am just loving this one.



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Many are guilty of procrastination whether a leader or a parent. A reminder that it can be expensive not getting that appointment set up for the physical in terms or dollars and unprocrastinate some parents as some places don't take the medical insurance card like the primary care doctor would. Urgent care center cost me $145 that would have cost me nothing at my primary doctor. Lesson learnt, you bet. It pays to BE PREPARED. It isn't there for nothing... *grins

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This medical form issue has always been an ordeal for us. As stated, BCBS around here only allows one physical per year. Our families have been getting jammed up over time, to where now we get a huge number the week before camp. A real pain.


My COR found us the "get out of jail free" card. There is a sentence in the guide that say "the medical form is good for the entire month it is signed/dated. This means the forms signed last June are good tip the end of June next year.


I'll find the document number and post it.


(Note: this isn't it, but explains the thought behind it.)



Q. What is meant by Annual and valid for 12 calendar months?

A. If you completed your record on March 9, 2012, it will be valid through March 31, 2013, but you must complete a new Annual Health and Medical Record by April 1, 2013. Please note that the next national Scout jamboree in 2013 will have a specific window when the record must be submitted.

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