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Got back a week ago. What a great trip. The girls totally amaized me with their ability, determination, willingness to do what needed to be done, and great attitude. We had two crews that each did 65+ miles with 15 portages over six days on water. Some very hard portage trails, but they single portaged every time until three minor injuries halfway through the fifth day (a strained back, a pulled shoulder, and a spraigned ankle). Even with the injuries they stepped up and did what had to be done without complaining and with a upbeat attitude, even the injured ones. Definitely worth the journey. Our Interpreter had been disapointed with her previous Boy Scout crews and their unwillingness to do camp duties, to sump meals, etc. I can say that every person on our crew did not slack and took their turn in every duty. Northern Tier is definitely hard core with 90 pound packs and unless an injury is life threatening, your crew just sucks it up and continues on with the injured party. There is no drop off for a ride back to base.


My advice to anyone going...go to Don Rogert base in Atikokan, ONT, and go south into Quetico. Every crew I talk to from the Boundry Waters says they run into people all the time. The crews that came back in from Crown Lands said that there were power boats and houses everywhere. Quetico is more rugged and we only saw eight people total (two groups) the enitire time we were there!

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