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Interesting Knot Program

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I've just moved up to Boy Scouts from being a Webelos leader. From our Pack we had 11 Webelos crossover into the troop. In getting these new Boy Scouts prepared for Tenderfoot, Second class & First class requirements, I've been tasked to come up with an interesting knot program for the scouts. Does anyone have any suggestions on what you've done in the past that has worked in your troops?


It will probably span 2 troop meetings, starting with the simple knots in the 1st week and finishing with lashings, etc. at the 2nd meeting. It should cover the requirements for the new scouts but also offer the advanced skills for the older scouts. I was thinking of perhaps doing some sort of competition between the different patrols. That would add a bit of interest other than just having a dry review of the different techniques and uses of the knots. It could also build a bit of teamwork into the patrols.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Couple of good games that are good for new and old are: Knot relay: Scout runs to knot tying location (10-20 yards from start line) referee has a stack of cards with names of knots. Scout draws card, ties knot, gets it inspected and runs back to tag next scout.


Knot Kim's game: Tie 5-10 knots in a row between two trees. Let scouts examine for 2 minutes and then cover. The the scouts list the knots as they appeared from left to right or whatever order you choose.


Last suggestion...Don't completely stop after the two weeks or so is over. At least once a month bring in some rope and go over one or two knots.

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A good game for lashings is an A-frame race. We did this a lot when I was in my troop. Split the troop up in its patrol. Give them the rope and wood needed to make A-frames. Have them quickly assemble their A-frame and after it is inspected for quality of lashings let them carry a scout on it from one point to another. The first patrol to assemble the A-frame correctly and get their scout to the destination wins! I always had fun doing this in my troop.

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