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Has anyone used the yucca packs recently? I am an old school kind of guy. I'd kind of like a small pack for hiking. I like alot of new designs but I want something American made. I haven't found an American made current style that I like.

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A pack is a personal choice.....


I think a yucca pack for nostalgia sack is cool or even as an educational piece....I would not hike with one


There are much better packs out their made my a number of manufactures.......If you are a boy scout leader, I encourage you to use this as a training moment......Whether your aware of it or not, the BSA and scout leaders have a terrible reputation in the outdoor community for training our scouts poorly or incorrectly in outdoor gear.


If you have gotta have american made then ULA is a fantastic pack.....spendy made in utah. Mystery ranch is another that is made in MT.....Superior quality packs, but way to heavy for my tastes.


I know dana design used to be made in the states, but since marmot purchased them I am not sure if they are made here or not.



Granite gear makes some fantastic packs..... light weight very durable, again, probably not made here in the US.


Osprey are sort of a standard....but they are heavy and more than what most folks need.


I have a kelty storm cloud or something that is probably 15 year old or more I use for a day pack if I need one......Held up fantastic....I would like to upgrade to something lighter, just can't justify spending the money

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GP, I'm an old school guy too, and hike with a BSA yucca. About ten years ago, got a replacement for $9.99 off ebay (mom got rid of my original many moons ago).


It has some miles on it, and stains. But it's still rugged and functional. I like the simple design. Holds a bunch of stuff.


Interesting that when I hike with the yucca in public settings, folks really respond to it, either for nostalgia's sake, or the simplicity of it.


On ebay, the 9.99 yuccas are usually in pretty rough shape, but they may work, like mine You can find a better one closer to 20 bucks. I picked up an extra yucca, almost brand new, for 20 bucks off ebay.


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