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This: http://www.garlington.biz/Ray/WoodGasStove/ is the basis for my first go. I'm a little worried about the high profile of it and may want a wider pot stand (though honestly it's not really any more tippy than a PocketRocket on top of an 8oz canister).


Ultimately I want to make a gas wick version, which will be even taller and definely require a folding pot stand around it. But it should burn even cleaner. I'm drawing up my own design for this based on lots of previous research and a few of my own ideas. I'll post updates when I have anything worthwhile.

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Here is the one I've made that burn pretty well




I currently trying the plans for the empty 1qt can from Home Depot and the progresso 20 oz soup can but I cant seem to get the "snug fit" a lot of plans call for without cutting the 1qt can



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I love the concept (and the challenge!)


Additional question: how do you all pack it so you don't have carbon smudging all your gear?


(I'm really not as fastidious as that just sounded, but I was just wondering.)

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Couple of additional thoughts on packing the stove...


I've seen a store brand of ziplock screwtop containers that the quart can fits. (The ziplock version has tapered sides and other can wont fit.)


What I'm using is an old,d container the kind when you buy 100 blank CDs or DVDs. All you.have to do is remove the center spindle











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This is the one I made and like so much:




It is essentially a 1 quart paint can, bought new at the hardware store, and the 19oz Progresso soup can. I also used another short can I had for the pot rest up top. When I removed the bottom of the paint can (after making all the vent holes), it makes a place to slide the pot rest into for storage.


This thing burns hot, boiled two quarts of water in no time (though you have to add fuel - it doesn't take much), and to meet LNT guidelines, like any stove it can be put on a rock or some other resilient surface above ground.


As for the question about carbon/soot, it doesn't form on the outside of the can, and the way this thing burns, with lots of air flow, I don't even notice much forming inside. Even the cookware didn't get very sooty. Right now, I have a little ditty bag made of corduroy (I know, not light-weight, but I can also use as a pot holder), but could also use one made of nylon. I could really use one just like what came with my GSI mess kit, which doubles as a water basin.


The one I made seems more refined than the Midge stove in the earlier post, and fits in well with my backpacking gear. I'm fairly certain I could fit a Whisperlite or other small gas stove inside it for storage if I chose to bring both (with a far smaller amount of white gas)just to have backup. I'm fairly certain I could do most of my backpacking here in Virginia (Shenandoah National Park and Appalacian Trail, for example), with nothing but the wood gas stove because I know the availability of downed wood is pentiful, and I need only a five or six feet branch, 1 to 2-inch diameter at the base, to boil enough water for a meal for two people.

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