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Just got back from a hike......

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Had the day off with Scout son, so it was a great time to take in a new trail. Found an owl pellet, which may sound silly coming from a grown man but is always cool to the both of us.


It kind of made me think, for you what is that outdoor thing that, no matter how many times you experience it, always brings out that 11 year-old in all of us.


A few of mine:


Looking at the clear night sky the first night out

Lightning bugs

Beaver dams

The smell of bacon cooking on a camping morning



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Owl pellets are cool. no argument there. Four off the top of my head ...


Meteor showers.

Glowing embers.

Fish jumping.

Whippoorwill calls.


Never experienced as an 11 year old, but when I learned how to snorkel watching life scuttle about on a coral reef, or on the bottom of a freshwater lake.

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1) Smor's .... can't believe no one put this on their list yet.


2) Seeing a kid catch their 1st fish ever...


3) Being out on a cear night and having the kids in the unit be AMAZED by how bright the stars and moon are wen you get away from the light polution of the city.


4) Sitting by a brook or stream and having the only two sounds be the sound of the water and your own breathing.


I would put lightning bugs on here, but we don't have them out west. Used to catch them as a kid in Nebraska and many a night we'd put 5 or 6 in a ziplock bag and hang it inside the roof of our tent as a "nightlight".

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A rainy night in camp! with the blazing logs before us,

Let the wolf howl in the forest and the loon scream on the lake,

Turn them loose, the wild performers of Nature's Opera Chorus

And ask if Civilization can sweeter music make.


From A Rainy Day at Camp

WIlliam Drummond

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Just got back from a cabin camp with Troop...


Boy actually using a hatchet the first time and the pride in his eyes...(another boy had the hatchet handle break on him. Boy, did he feel guilty!, even tho it wasn't)


Got a bunch of them outside and when I said "just listen...", they did. And heard the nuthatch and blue jays and crows...


City boy did listen, and when a deer burst out of a briar thicket, he admitted to me later, "that was sooo cool".


Had two boys actually volunteer to say grace before meals. Future Chaplain Aides.

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