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I was a member of units sponsored by the Catholic Church (actually it was probably Knights of Columbus, but that's not an important distinction) when I was growing up.


I can only remember ONE time attending Mass while on a campout, and that was the year that they had a priest come out and celebrate mass under a large dining fly at Camporee.


Sounds like alot of variance in practice from one troop/area to another.


BTW - we usually got back in the mid to late afternoon, and while it was theoretically possible for us to make it to evening Mass, I don't know any of the boys in the troop who would actually do so.

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Troop 185,


Having spent a good number of summers in Tobermory, I can tell you your experience with the funeral layout is not a unique one. I my days there all the clergy travelled in from towns further down the pennisula do perform services. Sometimes they'd arrive to find out that funeral was part of their duties that weekend. Talk about a surprise.

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