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BSA and Backcountry Ethics

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So would the additional training be needed to draw a tour plan for backcountry excursion????


Unless it is required at for something people will not get trained it is that simple.


So, that's a good question. We're a sample (perhaps not a representative one though...) of the folks who would have to take new required training. Also of the folks who have to check in with Rangers and other land managers after some other unit perhaps didn't live up to the standards we'd like. Is the problem bad enough to require something more from our volunteers?


And that kinda raises another question - is it a problem that too many unit volunteers are not making sure they have the right skills and training unless it's required and enforced somehow? Seems a little at odds with Scout Spirit.

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Random thoughts:::


CSDC give out a special "glow in the dark" bead for picking up trash around the campsite.


On the Hike: ScoutLeader carries small bag to put trash in as he goes. Boys notice and beat him to it.


At Nat Jamboree:: Encountering a circle of lunch bags, boxes on grass next to road to campsite, passing Scout stops and asks out loud "can I have a little help over here??!!" and starts picking up, others join in.


At IOLS:: During Woods Tools session, mention is made of proper use and misuse of tools. Not just idle time hatcheting, but

choice of needed project to give Scouts chance to practice skills.


Scoutmaster Minute::: Mention of Stewardship of the Earth and such.


Camping:: Not just a trash "pack it out" bag, but a recyclig can and bottle "pack it out " bag.


Holding Scout PoRs and Adult Scout leaders to account. Conservation projects that make a difference.

Mentioning things that aren't right when they are seen, and then correcting them instead of merely walking on after saying "oh, isn't that too bad".


When the Troop encounters the Ranger that mentions the Troop From Hell that was there last weekend, plan a special project for that site, THAT weekend. You didn't really have to be back to the church parking lot by noon, did you?


Sponsor a section of local road and stick to the commitment to regularly do the cleanup. Whole Troop? Each Patrol? Everyother month?


Take on responsibility for some regular duty around your CO site. Every month, one Patrol trims the shrubs or sweeps the driveway, or something. Each Patrol/Den takes it's turn to help. Regularly. Expected. Done "the best I can do".


Teach the boys by example and opportunity and lesson the importance of being responsible for their actions, and the results of their actions.





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