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Backpacking First Aid Material

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Packsaddle, that's amazing. Never a blister with a single lad? Never a cut or scrape or one of RichardB's flaming marshmallow burns? No bee stings or kid's who won't wear shoes (with da natural results)? Not a tick nor a slipped knife in da kitchen nor da trip and fall and chip a tooth?


And da adults are usually worse! :)


Yeh lead a charmed life, my friend. Either karma is goin' to catch up to yeh big time, or you're goin' to make it to da Pearly Gates and owe a guardian angel a heck of a lot of overtime pay!



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Well...I was mostly thinking about backpacking alone...as a troop we are well-prepared for first aid...which, again, we've really never had to use.

As a troop we did have one encounter with some fire ants and then there's the odd poison ivy thing. But so far it's all been very minor or else something that doesn't develop until we're back at home. Maybe we're not taking enough risks? ;)


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Good thinking

You could have also used a closed cell sleeping pad, The backpacking merit badge book/ scout book (LOL) , hiking poles , water bottles all these would work


If you are to add an item to your first aid kit I would suggest a Sam splint (many uses) and light weight


To answers the question about AHA course. The answer in all basic courses is to call 911 so splinting is not an issue in most calls, plus the instructor had the option of presenting the splinting module

If you want practice at take that the very least WFA or WFR course


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