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I am scheduled to go to Philmont next summer with my daughter and I am in the process of trying to purchase a backpack. The problem is I am tall.


Meaning I need a pack to fit a 24" torso. I have been measured twice using two different measuring devices.


I have been searching through all of the sites and stores, but I am unable to find one that will fit.


Any suggestions

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Look at ULA packs. The Circuit or the Catalyst. I have a Medium Circuit and I am 6'1" They may do custom work if needed.



Also look into Six Moon Designs backpacks and Gossomer Gear, other small US backpack manufacturers. These backpacks are designed for lighter loads so you must take a more lightweight approach than typical crews at Philmont.


Then look up these articles by Doug Prosser on lightweight hiking at Philmont.





The lightweight system he promotes looks far beyond the backpack, but it will give you some great ideas. If you like, look at backpackinglight.com and find the forum. They have discussion groups on hiking light with scouts and hiking Philmont. Great resource.


Good luck.


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I'm tall too. Most packs can be extended to fit most human frames. I use a Kelty Trekker.


What you want to avoid is getting a pack that is so large you get tempted to fill it! Even if you don't fill it, those extra cubic feet lead to more weight away from your back (once the gear settles) and more torque on your spine. End result, 40 pounds in a large pack drags more than 40 pounds in a smaller pack!


Take at lest one hike a month with full gear, and you'll be able to make your mind up about what configuration suits you. Plus, you'll get some quality time with your daughter!

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Ditto on size and filling space available.


Ideally, build your gear list - don't forget water and space for 2-3 days of Philmont trail food(5-6 Nalgenes will just about substitute for the void of a full food reload but not the weight unless you fill them about 5/8 way), take it to the store, find the smallest pack that will carry that load, buy that pack or at least now you have a realistic cubic inch number to work with and should be close to your max pack weight for Philmont.


An outfitter type store won't have any problem with this but, of course, would prefer that you bought at least some of your gear from them.

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