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I use them when the occasion warrants.


It's a way of making something like tinder out of a relative fat stick.


As I noted, I had occasion to use this at a Scout summer camp this year.


I would say it's one of many little skills that can make starting a fire easier in some circumstances.

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I'm familiar with the concept, but never prepped or used one.


As a scout in AZ, always managed to find dry tinder, even in wet weather.


Then when we moved to AK, was pleased to find that birch bark worked wonders, even in the deepest cold or dreariest rain.

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Fuzz sticks are one of a diverse range of skills which might prove useful in getting a fire started. The wider the set of skills you possess, the greater the likelihood you will be able to get a fire started and the easier that task is likely to be.


Really--- it's a simple idea and a simple skill to learn. I'm surprised at the resistance to a simple concept I see in this thread.

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No, fuzz sticks are not a "skill." They are a tool you can create if you know how to use a pocketknife properly - that is the skill. I'm just pointing out that I've never had use to use that particular tool in 20+ years of Scouting.


The skills involved in firebuilding include knowing the right mix of tinder, kindling and fuel; knowing the best types of wood; knowing the most efficient firelays for your purpose; and being willing to get down in the dirt.(This message has been edited by shortridge)

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One of lessons driven home at NOLS was knowing what skills/techniques one has that are ineffective, and replace them for what works best for you. Thus, should I spend time making a fuzz stick, or should a lot less time be spent turning cedar bark into a birdsnest, a technique that requires no knife, or tools, other than one's hands?

For my self, I'd rather make bird nests, because if I have to go primative (flint and steel, or fire plough) because of wet matches, or a lighter that won't work, a fuzz stick won't be able to hold the embers, or hot dust...

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