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dehydrated ground beef

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Trying to change up our family meals for the light weight stove. If this works, scout can take for dinner on upcomming troop backpack weekend.


Thinking hamburger helper lasagna and dehydrated ground beef.


To reconstitute dehydrated ground beef, say a pound original weight, how much water would you add? Would you just add the beef to the water for the noodles -- or reconstitue earlier in the day? How?


Thanks much

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Just add it right into the pot when cooking.


We made spaghetti while backpacking.

Instead of 5 or 6 cups of water for the noodles, we broke them so they would lay horizontal in the pot and covered them with water.

When cooked, we added tomato paste, dry spaghetti sauce mix, and dehydrated hamburger.

While simmering, if it looked like more water was needed, we added it.

Turned out great!


The important thing is that we didn't toss out starchy water from the noodles, we used it all.


Scout On

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Here is a good thread from a canoeing board:



The most important thing is using lean meat and rinsing it to remove any fat left in order to stop it from getting rancid. There is no need to reconstitute it earlier in the day like you would for beans or stuff like that.

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