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Scouting Boating Mishap on Lake Powell

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Very short on detail but the facts that "recreation area rangers" were in the boat and that it's advertised that operating a boat on the lake after dark can be "extremely hazardous" stand out.


If park personnel were in the boat, then we have lost one of our own but it isn't a "Scouting Boating Mishap" - maybe I'm being oversensitive (it's possible!) but it seems to me that that implies scouts were at fault, which they would appear not to be just from this short story.



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This story is a perfect example of why multiple sources should be checked. Later stories by the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah papers reporting on a story affecting a Utah family, state that the Scout (Matt Parker, not yet 15 (but close - birthday was 10 days away) was one of three Scouts and 2 Leaders in an open bow boat that hit an outcropping of rock at night on their way back to camp from dinner on Antelope Island. No mention of recreation area rangers being in the boat, though there is also no mention of any other boats in the group - could be possible that a recreation area ranger was with them in another boat - but its also possible that there wasn't a ranger with them at all and that the Arizona paper just got the press release details wrong and that the mention of recreation area rangers was in conjunction with the rangers responding to the scene of the accident.


The Salt Lake Tribune mentions that the driver of the boat is from Hurricane, Utah, which is where this unit is from.


Yep - this is a Boy Scout accident - and though it might be snarky to some, the "again" is appropriate as there have now been 3 deaths of Scouts from Utah this summer.


In the meantime, the Scouting community has lost a Scout. May he rest in peace.


(for those wondering what an "open bow" boat is, it's a boat with a seating area in front of the boats cockpit).

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