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Haliburton Scout Reserve

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Try the Windsor Scout Center. You can find the number on the web, I go into the www.scouts.ca site then look in the Ontario section under Tri-shores, or call 411. I think they have a list of units in Windsor with contact info and I'll bet at least one of them has experience with Haliburton.


The Greater Toronto Scout office could probably give you some contacts as well. My nephew's old Scout group went but he was just a Beaver then. Don't know what his unit was.


You might also want to check out Scouting Life the Canadain version of our Scouting magazine. I know they post them online.

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I have not been there personally, one of my fellow Scouters has bee there multiple times and loves it. Very primitive wth sites around lake, Scouts travel by canoe with main supplies and some adults ferried by pontoon boat. I believe you are mostly on your own when it comes to program. They did a relatively short (I think 3 to 5 miles) overnight hike to another lake and sleep under the stars.


Halliburton forest is nearby and had tree top climb type activities, I believe this is seperate facility with additional cost.



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