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[Wis.] Weyauwega Scout, 16, reaches lofty goal

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Weyauwega Scout, 16, reaches lofty goal

From the Journal Sentinel

Last Updated: Feb. 10, 2002

Congratulations go out today to 16-year-old Gary Hirte of Weyauwega, who has become only the 14th Boy Scout from his hometown and the first Weyauwegan in 20 years to make Eagle Scout.


A sophomore at Weyauwega-Fremont High School and a member of Troop No. 21/621, Gary is the son of proud parents Mike and Deana Hirte.


In case you didn't know, reaching the rank of Eagle Scout is no small deal. Only about 4% of all Scouts ever reach scouting's highest rank.


Gary's now a member of a fairly exclusive club that includes retired astronaut James A. Lovell Jr. and director/producer Steven Spielberg.


He gives all the credit for his success to his parents.


"Sometimes I'd feel like giving up, and they'd be there to keep me going," Gary says. "They are my biggest cheerleaders."



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It's nice to have supportive parents, isn't it? Seldom does a child reach any goal, let alone earn Eagle, without that support, and since Weyauwega is forty-five miles down the road from me and in our Council, it's nice to hear another "local boy makes good" story.


Congrats to him for his achievement, and thanks to his parents for guiding him along the Trail.

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Reading between the lines of news reports regarding his victim, one has to wonder whether scouting's inherent homophobia may have played a part in this tragedy. Whether or not the victim was actually gay, it seems likely that our Eagle Scout would have thought he was. A single man with artistic aspirations, living alone in a secluded spot, and apparently ambushed while naked -- could it be that homosexual panic pushed this poor Scout into a violent act otherwise completely inconsistent with his values and history? It bears investigation.

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So, Rob is saying that because one scout abandons the principles taught in scouting - kindness, obedience, reverence, duty to others, etc - and kills a person that he presumes is gay, then Scouting should change their fundamental moral stance and open all boys up to the risks of gay leaders. Your right, Eamonn, I think someone has an agenda.

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