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Anyone know of a good gear box I can keep all my camping stuff in (tent, stove, lantern, cooking gear, etc.)? I want to be able to just load the gear box into the van and go (especially if we have bug out in an emergency such as flooding, earthquakes, etc.) I'm looking for something large, wheeled if possible, and tough. Doesn't need to be waterproof, but at least be able to handle some rain without having it leak inside.


I've thought of making a gear box out of wood (ala Patrol Box), but would really prefer something made out of heavy duty plastic.


What do you use?

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An action packer would be good. You can get several of them. That may make it easier to pack in the van. Each person could have thier own. Label them so you know what you are grabbing, or what is in the container when you are looking for something.


YOu may be able to find some of the retail containers with the interlocking lids.


Also, takeing an emergency kit vs a camping kit will be something that you will need to keep in different containers. but if needed you can grab both.


If you want a real easy bug out set up, maybe a small trailer that you can just hitch up and go.

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I like the Stanley Job Box.



I use a pair of them for work. I slam them around, stand on them use them as saw horses or as a table for my chop saw.

Great boxes but not cheap. ($60)

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