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"Capture the Camp" Campout

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Hi everyone,

Sometime last year my son and I read some ideas on here about a "capture the camp" style campout. The best way I can remember to describe it was a campout that was sort of like capture the flag. Two or more patrols go out to camp, and make their patrol camp where they want. Each patrol then spends their time at camp trying to locate, or "capture" the other patrols' camp and/or campers.Does this sound familiar to anyone? I tried to search for the old post , but have not had good luck, as I'm sure my details are sketchy.

My son is currently ASPL, and would like to put this together for an older scout adventure this summer. Although I'm sure the boys can and will come up with their own ideas/rules for their campout, he would like something to start from, and asked me to try to find the information.

Can anyone help who has done a similar camp?



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