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Just thought I would share a good report

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Last night we had four webelos and their dads visit our troop. We knew they would be coming so we did some prep. For the last year our so I have buying disposable camaras (1 for every two campouts) and making posters out of the pictures. We put those up on the walls for the visiters to take a look at what we have been doing.


We had our normal opening...pledge of allegience, scout law, oath, motto, slogan. We did a uniform inspection and then headed to our outdoor area. We are lucky in that the school where we meet has a lot of land and some river frontage. We went down to the river and spent about 20 minutes going over different kinds of fire starters with the webelos. We used cotton balls (plain, waxed, and vasilined), cedar bark, magnesium (sp), Purple magic (a military fire starter), the wax-filled egg cartons, and char-cloth. Our scouts explained each one and then let the webelos light them. We also taught them how to make the char-cloth and gave them a sheet with the instructions.


After the demo the boys teamed up for 30 minutes of capture the flag in our field. We supplied light sticks for the game.


Following the game we called one of our scouts up who had missed the last court of honor and awarded him 4 merit badges and his Life rank by firelight and lanterns.


I think it was a pretty good evening and the webelos seemed to have a good time. Our SPL did a good job and the adults only participated directly in the awards portion. Everything else was completely run by the boys. I'm hoping the webelos and their folks choose to cross over to us in March when they make the move. We could use them.


Anyway, we had a great time and I wanted to share it with y'all.

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Great job! Sounds like a good time.

You can always win a boy over with fire! LOL


When our Webelos visited a troop last fall they got to go outside and do some patrol competitions. They did tent setup, a small ropes course, and a some game of having a rope around the ankles of 4 guys (not tied) and then racing while keeping the rope off the ground. Us parents were busy talking to the Scoutmaster and didn't get to see all the action. But we could tell from the excitement in their faces that they had a good time!


Sure won my boy over!


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