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is the Outdoor Method a requirement?

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So I take it this is not just a problem with the SM, it involves the rest of the Troop leadership also, including the Committee?


Attend the next Committee meeting (or parents meeting, whatever you call it) and bring ALL of your concerns to light. Ask them all how cheating on advancements is obeying the Scout Law.


With all/most of the Troop's leadership agreeing with what is going on, this is a fight you will not easily win.


Be prepared to talk to your son seriously about finding a Troop that follows the BSA program.

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I would take your son and run from this troop. The compass is definitely not pointing North in this troop and it sounds like its more than just the Scoutmaster. Have your son invite his friends to come with him.



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If the scout leaders do not like to camp then quite frankly they should not be troop leaders and the committee and COR should call for their resignations immediately. The last thing any troop needs these days are adults who are a bunch of deadwood pansies. Boy scout troops and boys scouts are dropping in numbers faster than any other BSA program. With a troop like this it is easy to understand why.

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Everything that needs to be said has been said. If this non-camping/false credit matter isn't


fixed within short order, I'd find my son a new troop and talk to the parents of his friends


at this troop about joining him in the transfer.


There must be an underlying issue that has caused this situation. Are the current leaders new


in the job? Do they not like to camp? Don't know the program? Don't have the personal gear?


Something is seriously wrong. Talk to the SM and CC, and find out if they're in over their


head and need help!


Changing troops is traumatic for scouts and should only be done at a last resort; that being


said, give your son the best program you can find!

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BP said "Any silly ass can camp in GOOD weather."

Klondike is still an outdoor event even without camping.

You only need 1 trained adult, and one other adult.

That SM needs more training.

When I was a Scout, we didn't camp much. We did lots of hikes (enough for Hiking Merit Badge) and bike rides (enough for Cycling Merit Badge.)We did some day canoeing. We went to Camporees and summer "long term" camp.

When my Dad became Scoutmaster, camping went way up, but I was then in an Air Explorer post. Our post did camp with them some.


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Contact your District Executive and ask for Commissioner support. A trained Commissioner should be able to tactfully suggest corrections to an off-course unit, without you getinng identified as a troublemaker parent. The District advancement chair should also be aware if there's disconnect on requirements not being fulfilled correctly. The District hypothetically has a "unit rescue" plan, and that Unit needs "unit rescue." It isn't at an advanced stage, like all the Adults quit, but you are in a stage that warrants concern and support.

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It is an old topic but I heard our Troop was had an issue with a SM who was a LEO and could not commit to camping. He was a fine SM but did it on the condition that the ASM's took the boy camping. Another troop has a rather senior SM who does not camp much but makes sure the Troop does. While less than ideal you can have a outdoor program with a non-camping SM. (though he better be darn good at the other stuff)

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