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That's just it.. For Summer camp & woodbadge, part C needs to be filled out (presumably with Dr. Signature..) The Dr. must attest to you height/weight being in bounds when he signs.. But for Summer camp & woodbadge the height/weight doesn't matter, but nothing tells the Dr that (if you are signing to go to summer camp/woodbadge.. Then it is OK for you to sign this..)..


Totally confusing..


Anyway.. We got off topic..


As to On Topic.. You may try to be by the book, but there will be exceptions to do so.. What happens if you plan a community project, seems low intensity.. Get there start up and becomes more then expected.. (the project is being lead by someone else that did not give you full scope.. The heat in the day, makes it more stressful then expected.. So what to you do with your over-weight scouts.. Sit them down in the shade for the rest of the day?)

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Moosetracker, if it's a health and safety issue then I call their parent, explain the situation and have them to come get the scout. Until the scout is retrieved, they are taken care of by sitting them in the shade and given plenty of fluids. I would also call later in the day/week to check on the scout.




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But, what if it isn't a health/saftey issue? Meaning the scout is acting just fine having a great time, keeping up with the other scouts.. May it is you who get hot & tired, then think and say to yourself.. "Ooops, this is strenous.. Should not have my overweight scouts and Joey who has epilepsy out here..".. But those kids are absolutely fine and having the time of their lives.


So if there is no issue with the scouts.. Would you pull them out (to their embarrassment with their peers) and call their parents to take them home, in the middle of the event?

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Common sense would tell me that if we were abiding by the rules and regulations of national and it was just my tired, old fat behind that was dragging and there were no signs or symptoms of any heat related illnesses with precautions taking place then I would allow things to proceed as planned. I monitor the progress and the changes to the environmental conditions and act accordingly.

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I was an ASM for the 2010 Jambo. We had a boy who was almost as wide as he was tall. He was warned up front about the height/weight requirements. He was allowed to sign up and make payments with the clear understanding that he had to lose weight over the next 18 months in order to go. While the doctors reviewing the health forms would fudge for 20 or 30 pounds over or for big kids who were ahtletes, they did have their limits. Reviewing 40,000 health forms takes a good deal of time. A month or two out and after being fully paid, the boy was told he could not attend. It caused some hard feelings and embarassment on the boy's part and his family threatened to sue. But he had been told up front that if he didn't lose weight, he wouldn't be able to go. There was never any indication that he and his family did anything to address his weight and get him in shape.


For those who might forge their doctor's signature and lie about their weight, the high adventure programs will catch you and weed you out at base camp. Hopefully no adult would head off to Philmont thinking that if they show up overweight, the staff will just turn a blind eye and let them go. They won't.....and you'll have ruined the trip for everyone in the group for selfish reasons.


Our troop does a high adventure trip each year to the BSA's high adventure bases. The kids who are overweight are allowed to sign up. The SM makes it VERY clear up front that by the time the trek occurs, they will be the correct weight or they will not go.


Edited to add, we do let the overweight kids go on the shakedowns. That is the purpose of shakedowns. They learn the skills they need for a trek and get to figure out early if it is their cup of tea or not. It is also our trek leaders opportunity to determine if a boy can do it or not. Since we do high adventure each year, we have adults very experienced in gigh adventure who are trained in Wilderness First Aid.(This message has been edited by sr540beaver)

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Would be nice clemlaw, but their is no place for Dr to indicate Pass/fail height/weight.. or OK on this checklist (because he might fail you for having seizures or something else on the list).. It is more the following.. Statement the dr must sign.




I certify that I have reviewed the health history and examined this person

and find no contraindications for participation in a Scouting experience.

This participant

Meets height/weight requirements

Does not have uncontrolled heart disease, asthma, or hypertension

Has not had an orthopedic injury, musculoskeletal problems, or

orthopedic surgery in the last six months or possesses a letter of

clearance from their orthopedic surgeon or treating physician

Has no uncontrolled psychiatric disorders

Has had no seizures in the last year

Does not have poorly controlled diabetes

If less than 18 years of age and planning to scuba dive, does not

have diabetes, asthma, or seizures



If you have anything on this list, Dr. won't sign off.. No sign-off, good-luck to summer camp or woodbadge.. This is not a checklist the dr checks as meeting or not meeting the statement.. He only signs if you are perfect..

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SR540Beaver, if it was made very clear, up front and witnessed or in writing to the scout and his parents that if he failed to meet the height/weigh requirements then I don't see where they have a leg to stand on in a lawsuit.(This message has been edited by Eagle007)

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As far as I know, it was no more than a threat of a lawsuit. Probably because they didn't have a leg to stand on. Not that the council has to run anything by me, but I'm enough in the loop that I think I would have heard if they had moved forward.

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