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How about some plain simple camping?

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Scoutfish wrote: "...do you ever plan a camping trip that doesn't involve trying to cram in a bunch of classes, workshops, rank advancing challenges or requirements?"


Our troop does exactly that once each year, typically in June. Our annual "Father/Son Weekend" is our most attended camping trip, includes Moms and siblings who want to attend and often alumni. There are some "planned activities": fishing equipment is de rigueur, and anyone who has canoes or kayaks brings them to share, swimming if it is warm/dry enough (and often in spite of the weather); the highlight is roast beast (prime) cooked all day over an open fire pit.


To be sure, Scout skills are utilized (the buddy system, safety afloat, safe swim defense, et c.) but the emphasis is on sharing a good time just 'cuz we can...YMMV

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Most of our Campouts follow the model Scoutnut most recently posted. OTOH, the SM and ASM always stand ready to engage in any specific advancement check the Scout has made himself ready for, or to teach any skill they may want to pursue.


But by and large we like to see advancement happen in the course of Scouting, rather than Scouting happen in the course of advancement.

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