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Looking to go to Philmont for Cheap?

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As a youth I was always in the unfortunate circumstance to allow my budget to dictate my opportunities in scouting. As with most scouts, I considered Philmont to be one of the top highlights of scouting, but I could never afford to go. In 2007 I actually went for $200 as a participant in the OA Trail Crew Program. I figured a lot of people have always wanted to go or knew a scout that wanted to go but did not know of the special treks and the various opportunities to go to Philmont for cheap.


The OA Trail Crew program is a $200 program that allows arrowmen from across the country to get together, build trail for a week, and then go out and hike a custom trek. www.adventure.oa-bsa.org or check out this video

The only downside is that this program is restricted only to members of the order and participants have to be between the ages of 16-20.


There are some options for Venturing and others who may want to experience something else.


The Trail Crew Trek program is a $305 program which is similar to OATC, but runs a Co-Ed crew. The TCT program features a work week and a trek week, but also features environmental lessons, allowing participants to be eligible for the Hornaday Award. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HighAdventure/Philmont/Camping/trailtrek.aspx


The Roving Outdoor Conservation School is a 21 day program which runs a men's crew and a women's crew. Participants hike all over Philmont learning forestry, fire ecology, fisheries management, wildlife management, geology, watershed management, and range management. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HighAdventure/Philmont/Camping/rocs.aspx

The program is $455 but included in the application is a scholarship which is rarely taken advantage of.


I'm sure someone on here will know someone who would love to go on one of these special treks that Philmont offers.

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Great resources and I hope some put them to use.


Unfortunately, up my way, it's not so much the cost of attending Philmont that prevents youth from participating. It's the cost of getting to/from Philmont. It's not exactly next door to us up here in the Maine wilderness.


Anyone know of any sponsorship programs that would help scouts defray the cost of travel?

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In the ROCS applications, there are forms for scholarships.


As far as OA Trail Crew is concerned, I know that Sections and Lodges will sometimes offer scholarships. My Section in VA usually hands out $200 to each lodge for OA High Adventure. Most of the time we only have one person a year going, so he gets all $200. It might be worth talking to a Lodge Chief or a Section Chief in Maine to find out of they're offering any money.

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