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The "other philmont"

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The other Philmont was Double H.

It was a temporary program run by Philmont on a parcel of land leased from Mountain Elk Foundation. It was located southeast of Albuquerque.

Our troop sent a crew there a few years ago when they couldn't get a slot at Philmont.

It was much more primitive than the traditional Philmont, but offered a similar experience.


I think in 2009, they lost the lease and operations ceased.



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Philmont is more than just backpacking in the mountains for 10 days. Any troop can put together that type of trip without the assistance of any other group.


Philmont is a program. Every day, there's something to do besides the hiking. Either mid hike, or at your daily destination. And its something the scouts probably never have done or ever will do again (sweat lodges, lumberjacking, rock climbing, fly fishing, black powder, etc.) . And its done very well. Only Philmont offers that variety at that level.

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