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Hot pot Tongs VS Lid Lifter

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So I have been playing with my DO quite a bit lately. And somehow, I am going to do a short bit/ demo on DO cooking at our next pack campout.


But you know what..... I don't have anything to lift the lid. So far I have ben using the tip of a shovel, a thicker stick or even the handle of s spatula.


I have decided that I can'y put it off any longer: I am going to have to buy a lifting d4evice for my lid.



Now, I'm thinking I want to buy the lifter handle with the hook and two side sytabilizers over the hot pot tongs, I mean, I could eaily just use a pair of vice grips as the tongs.


But I think I might have better lid control with the lid lifter..meaning I have better control over it not flipping and "peppering " my food.


So what has your experiences taught you?


Which do you prefer?


Do you use something else entirely?

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I use a 3-prong hand-held hoe from the garden section. Middle prong is slightly longer so the lid handle is caught between it and the other two prongs when I lift it. Stays flat, no peppering, and makes turning the lid for baking easy. Since the handle is thick wood, it is comfortable to hold and never transfers heat.

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I've done DO cooking for 20 years, never owned lid lifter. On occasion, if handy, I use a long handled channel lock, otherwise I use welding gloves. Reach down, grab the lid, lift it off, no problem, just like lifting the lid off the pot at home.


When I first started DO cooking, there was a lid lifter, but could never find it when I needed it. Just got used to using the gloves after that. The gloves were always by the fire ready to use.



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I think you are asking for advice between

lid lifter - http://www.dutchovencookware.com/lid-lifter.jpg


tongs - http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&item=1215


We had both until the lifter was left at some campout recently. :-(

The lifter keeps your hands away from the heat and requires much less hand strength, but it requires more coordination to prevent spilling of ash into the food.

The tongs are half the price, useful for lots of other stuff, smaller and flatter, but require wearing a glove and strength to squeeze and lift.

We have welding gloves that the scouts use and do fine with the tongs.

Each patrol has their own tongs for whatever they need to use it.


(I'd also point out that the tongs from BSA scout shop have a real cheap rivet that you should plan on replacing)

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Oooh, an A. Brown fan. Me too.


That's why I only use welding gloves. They work for everything. Protection when sawing wood, chopping kindling, handling logs that roll around the campfire, putting out small fires, picking up briquettes and arranging them on the lid, lifting covers, and moving DO's around, grabbing foil dinners off the fire, etc.


Buy the best there is, they are pricey, but I have two pair that I've used for 20 years, it is well worth the investment and in my backpack, I have at least one for when I mess kit cook and don't need both hands for the strength of handling heavy DO's.



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I've used the classic iron hook, rebar, sticks, gloves, etc. I also learned that hot iron looks just like cold iron. That's when I got serious about the gloves.


The Mair lifter (http://www.mairdutchovenlifter.com) works great and gives you a solid grip on the lid. I don't own one, but I've used a few.


I built a wooden box that holds a 12" DO, lifter, GLOVES, broom, and the little stand that lets you use the lid as a griddle.


It's really a question of how much stuff you want to carry around.



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