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Awards - Hiking/Activities

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Concerning awards, within boy scouts the best source of information is the council High Adventure Team. You need to start with your own council HAT team. They may be able to inform you about awards available from other councils.

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Sorry for the confusion. The district and council offices are one and the same. When I asked, they asked me to send them whatever I find. I am a 25+ year veteran of BSA, but am new to the current council. I have never experienced the lack of information, mis-information, and breach of trust at the DE level as I am currently seeing. It also appears the Cub Pack is in turmoil (bad leadership resulting in boys dropping out), which is why I am doing everthing I can to help our Den. But, I keep running into roadblocks when seeking information. Any thoughts on any activities (with rewards) that will help keep the boys interested in the program?

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