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If you haven't already done it, I would recommend hiking/backpacking in the Yelloswstone/Grand Tetons area. We did this in 2004, and it was one of our best high adventure trips ever. Hiking/camping between Cascade and Paintbrush Canyons in the Tetons is gorgeous. Also, plenty of other things to do and see along the way and back.

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I have to plug Kandersteg in Switzerland, open year round.


But, if you can't make it to our Alpine snow, how about building snow shelters if you can get up north on a weekend to a place with really deep snow.



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We just got back form a 50 mile backpack trip in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Backcountry camping, hunting for water, climbing several 1000-1500 foot inclines, finding lots of piles of bear scat, rescuing two lost hunting dogs, sahring our meals with them for two days and reuniting the dogs with their owner and spending a day on trail maintenance projects with a ranger, followed by a trip tubing a river.


Yup, high adventure. Best part, all it cost was gas and food.

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