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Sounds like a great trip to me. I will push that idea around here.


Oh, one other idea our troop has done is a Scuba trip in Cozumel. A lot of scuba shops have cheap group trips and if you plan far enough a head, you can get good rates on airfare.



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Hike a stretch of the Appalachian Trail and then raft the Ocoee River in Tennessee where the Atlanta Olympic white water events were held.


Hike a stretch of the Appalachian Trail to the Nantahala Outdoor Center and then earn the BSA Kayak award and the White Water MB by Kayaking the Nantahala River.


Thats what the 2010 Philmont crew hopes to do in 2011 and 2012. Those trips should be cheaper than Philmont and also require less vacation time from the adults.


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International trips are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! My first HA trip was a 64 mile canoe trip in the Canadian Wilderness. had some scout from a local troop as guides. Took approx 18-24 months of prep work, i.e. savin up the money, doing several prep trips to earn Canoeing MB and learn other skills, fundraisers, etc, but worth it.


And if you have any young Scouters/ older Venturers who want to do a trip on their own, the European Camp Staff Program is one I recommend. Free food, free shelter, and 1/2 your travel expenses reinbursed. Only go tot commit to working a scout camp for no pay for 6-8 weeks. I did 11 and loved it.

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Hi guys... I don't know if this is of interest or not. I own a scuba center in Pennsylvania, but recently bought and opened a adventure package location on Smith Island, Maryland (An island in the Chesapeake Bay). We run all inclusive weekend trips which include kayaking, bicycling, crabbing, fishing, lodging, and meals. We also have our place available for rentals. We have taken a few local groups there and they really enjoyed it. If you're interested, I have posted a link that shows some pictures of the place. If you do any research on "Smith Island, Md" you'll find that it is really a very interesting place. If you have any interest, please let me know. Here is the link:







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My highest adventure was to kayak the Grand Canyon.

We took 3 rubber oar rafts, 4 kayaks and a C1. The rafts were piloted by semi-pros and carried all the gear, food, and yard dawgs. It took about 12 days to float out the bottom. We were passed by several motorized trips, but it was always a relief when they passed out of ear-shot.

Does anyone know if private permits are still issued? Back in the '80s there was a two year wait.


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A couple of months ago there was feature article in Boys Life or Scouting, about a troop who did a part of the old Chisholm Trail on Horseback, there may or may not have been herding cattle involved, I don't remember. I think they were from a council near there, and was able to pretty much put the trip together themselves. That being said, does anyone know of something like this that would be commercially available? I think boys in any troop would love to do a trip like this.


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We do the swim with the manatees every other Februray. Pensacola to Crystal River is 7 hours, and we can typically do the weekend for about $80-$90. Pretty reasonable. This past year (2010) we swam with an estimated 250 in the morning. When we went back in the afternoon there were only 50-75 still hanging out in the spring. Previously about 100 was the most we had ever seen. It was amazing.



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Crack open one of Dan Carter Beard's books and build one of those suckers.




Somebody collected all of Daniel Carter Beard's boat plans at the Kudu Net:




Swimming with the Manatees in FL. Don't remember the details.


"Adventure Diving" in Crystal River FL trains all of our Boy Scout SCUBA divers. Great Boy Scout friendly company! They charge $25 each to swim with the manatees, or $59 each (including all gear) to SCUBA with them.


Of course if you schedule your Troop's SCUBA instruction during manatee season, they throw in the manatees for free :)


866-518-1530 Ask for Carl or Dave.






Yours at 300 feet,





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Wish I was going with you on both trips! Didn't make it to Hadrian's Wall,only getting as afar as Youlbury International Scout Campsite in Oxfordshire. And would love to go back to home to New Orleans. make sure you go to Mother's resteraunt on Poydras, and bring a bunch of mapkins. they make the best po boys.

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