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New Troop cook trailer

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Well, it ain't that fancy, but our pack has a smaler one. Lot smaller. Not as fancy. Pretty bare actually:

We have a 5X8 wells Cargo "type" trailer that carries our dining tents, two cooking shelters, 5 or 6 floding tables, chairs, 3 double gas cookers, 2 single burners, pots, pans , 3 eirst aid kits, tarps, etc..


We use it at the bigger campouts such as crossovers and pack family campouts.


That trailer might have cost about $600.00.......rough estimate.


Besides, everybody knows that before you buy such a frivilous thing as this...you should think seriously and logically and buy the double decker pontoon boat with the enclosed cabin and built in slide! :)

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I really hope it was a joke. No electronics on camping trips in the units I know--cells are to be turned off, etc. (chuckle)


However, the troop that hosted spring camporee last year had a concession-stand cart/trailer/thing. Not an enclosed trailer, but a trailer that was basically a stainless steel kitchen on wheels...hard to describe: double sink, hot water, grill, commercial coffee maker, etc. Picture a big city-style hot dog cart on steroids (and about the size of the trailer in the link that started this thread). They got it loaned to them for the weekend to provide a cooking area for the fundraiser/concession stand and staff meals. Made it a lot easier for staff to not have to worry about food.(This message has been edited by moxieman)

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I knew a troop that had one of these.. Made lots of money too..


There was an annual very popular fair. They only opened up the vending of food/beverages to non-profit groups. I don't know how they did it, but for I think about $3,000 this troop lent Hooters their trailer (and I don't know what other shady passing of papers to sign up for vending at the fair).. So Hooters got to sell their beer in their normal selling style in a trailer that read boldly Troop _____..


Well it was a large fair in a large city.. Other troops / district / Council members went to it. I was surprised they got off with just getting their butts chewed off.


So, there is an idea on how to make the trailer turn a profit for your troop or Pack.. Should you be so bold.. Any takers?

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