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South Central Destinations Wanted

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I was researching locations for GREAT scout destinations for a Wood Badge ticket item. I discovered 'topnotch' already did something very similar for his part of the country: http://snipurl.com/midwest_scout_ha_locations


Anyway, I am starting my map at http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=105408153795014634795.0004853c65fabd93cb6b5&z=7


However, I need help from scout masters primarily located in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas. Effectively, I am looking to build a list of great locations/outings that are within 8 hours of Dallas. My categories so far include:









Anyway, what destinations do you recommend? What has proven popular with your scouts?


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It's not on your list of activities, but our troop decided they wanted to go Ziplining for a fun campout. You have Lake Tawakoni listed as a campsite, we stayed there for the weekend. We drove to Canton (about 30 min. from the state park) and spent the day out at the Zip line course. It was an absolute blast. They have the tallest and longest ziplines in Texas. The owners and staff out there were great to work with, everybody has to go through safety training and if somebody is uncomfortable, they do not pressure that person to get on the line. Do a google search for Wired Zip Line, Canton, TX

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From the Arkansas side:



Buffalo River

Cossatot River

Big Piney

Mulberry River

Caddo River

Kings River





Ozark Highlands Trail

Ouachita National Trail

Buffalo River Trail

Several State Parks(Petit Jean, Devils Den, Lake Catherine, Village Creek, White Oak, Woolly Hollow)

Ozark National Forest/Ouachita National Forest/Buffalo National River - many campgrounds have trails

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This is all Texas stuff



Fort McKavett State Historical Site. It is about an hour east of San Angelo and about 30 minutes west of Menard. It was a buffalo soldiers site. After 6 or 7 at night it closes to the public and if you are staying there you have the place to yourself. You can camp but even better is staying in the authentically restored 1870's era barracks, complete with iron cots with corn-shuck (or something organic but not real comfortable) mattresses. Our Scout troop stayed there free one Saturday nogth on the way back from summer camp becasue we did a trail maintenance service project for them. That night we retired the colors which ther is a flag from back in the bufalo soldiers day, so a history lesson in itself. it is at the headwaters of the San Saba River. There is a Scout camp owned by the Concho Valley Council just down the road, Camp Sol Meyer.



Enchanted Rock State Natural Area



Lost Maples State Natural Area



Longhorn Caverns States Park. This is a tame cave, but for beginners who aren't ready for doing it on their own it is a good introduction. They have a geology program geared to older middle school people that you can do be special arrangement. They might include younger boys if it were a Scout group. You can't camp there but Inks Lake State Park is very close and a beautiful place to camp.


Colorado Bend State Park. Wilder caves, some with guided tours and some self-guided with advance permits. Also has camping and some backpacking oportunities. Much closer to Dallas



You can get more information and links to how to get permits and reservations on all of these places at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/

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