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Your favorite Dutch Oven recipe is..........

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Oh, I love bad! The bad stuff is the best tasting stuff.


I look at fat mainly as a seasoning and sometimes a side dish! :)


Personally, I prefer to skip desert and just have second helping of good cooked food.

Any roasted, baked, broiled or slow cooked meat..as well as pretty much any kind of beans and potatoes.


Never met a stew I didn't like either!


Thinking of maybe cooking either field peas with smoked sausage and onions or black-eyed peas with polish sausage and onions. Not sure how it will do thoughsince I have only cooked them in a slow cooker or on a stove top...never on a fire or coals in a DO.


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Speaking of stew.... Instead of using water or beef broth, use apple cider.... :)


Our boy's favorite entre is BBQ boneless pork chops.


Brown up the chops, add a bottle of favorite bbq sauce AND 1 can of apple pie filling.


For a change up use red sweet kraut AND a jar of apple sauce.


For those who like an Oriental twist...


Chops with pineapple tidbits, terryaki sauce and a bit of brown sugar and a splash of molasses.


Even though these all have a fruit/sweet component to them, onions can be added and maybe a bit of green pepper on the Oriental choice.


Like cobbler, these are all dump and leave recipes.


Stosh(This message has been edited by jblake47)

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We use the disposable aluminum pizza tins, one pizza at a time, and charcoals above and below to get the inside of the oven about 425. (Preheating the oven on a wood fire is a must!) Having more than one oven going at a time is a plus of course. Tin can rest against the edge of the oven if a little too big for it, but should NOT touch the bottom..it'll burn to a crisp! Some flat rocks or an inverted pie plate will keep it off the bottom.


Hope that helps! There might be a little trial and error involved to get it just right, but you'll figure out your formula based on your oven/type of pizza, etc. Our boys actually entered into a dutch oven competition at an American Legion Camporee a few years ago, and the judges were convinced that we ordered out! We brought them back to the site and showed 'em how we did it! We got second place that year, losing to a peach cobbler (which was REALLY good, BTW) :)

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