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Training needed to take Webelos camping ?

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Agree with ya. If you follow the book to the letter, everything is inblocks, so theoretically a trained former TCDL would only need to attend that part of the CSDL ttraining.


However i have heard of a district doing a combined TCDL-WDL specific training.

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"One of our webelos leaders does not want to take IOLS because he says he has to then take it again if he helps as a ASM in another year."


Are they both the same training? Or is one IOLS and the other is OWLS? If they are both the same he should not need to repeat it.


I also agree that the first three years of Cub training could be one class and the Webelos is a seperate class. There are some changes coming with the 2010 program and training is one. Our new books are on order (my wife is the District Training Chairman) but I have not seen them yet.(This message has been edited by imasoonerfan)

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"the Tiger program is significantly different than the Cub (Wolf and Bear) program"


That may be so, but when I took Tiger den leader training, the class was combined with the Wolf and Bear den leaders, with the instructor pointing out a few differences for Tigers as we went along. Then the next year I took Wolf training - which was the same course, but hey, I wanted to set a good example. I took it from a different district, so it had a bit different perspective, but really, I think Tiger could very reasonably be combined with Wolf/Bear training.

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