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There always seem to be varations of Camp Songs. Drive an hour down the interstate to another Council Camp and they will sing the same song, in a different beat, or words. But most of these you can google the lyrics and tune, and find which songs you enjoy.


Even most recently, if you youtube "Camp Songs", there are hundreds from various types of camps. And variations on the audience participations songs as well.



For audience participation songs, I like...


My Aunt Came Back.

Dum-dum, dah-dah.

An Austrian Went a Yodeling.

The Pirate Song. (When I was one)

There was a Moose. (who like to drink allota Juice)

The Penguin Song (Penguins Attention! Penguins Salute!)


Other audience participation songs I enjoy are...

One Finger, one Thumb, Keep Moving.

Lord Baden Powell, Had Many Scouts.

She'll be coming around the mountain.




Let me know if you can't find the songs and motions.

Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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While not exactly songs, I absolutely LOVE "audience participation stories". Google is your friend there on finding a ton of them as I'm not able to post a link right now.


Babbling Brook is a favorite as it requires participation of being a babbling brook and spitting out a mouthful of water... Scouts love that :-)


Mike b

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How about, My body lies under the ocean


(When the word up is saod, everyone stands up)


To the tune of my Bonnie


My Body Lies under the ocean

My Body lies under the sea

My body lies under the ocean,

So dredge up my body for me


Dreeeeedge UP, Dreeeeedge UP,

Oh Dredge up my body for me, for me

Dreeeeedge UP, Dreeeeedge UP,

Oh dredge up my body for me.

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My Aunt Came Back made me think of another good one: The Cat Came Back.


I had not heard of the Aunt song and thought it might be a variation of the Cat song, but they are very different.


Google The Cat Came Back for the lyrics.


Da Moose, Da Moose is a real favorite of mine and the lyrics can be found by Googling them.





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"Oh, you can't get to heaven

(oh you can't get to heaven)

"In a red canoe...

(in a red canoe)

"Cause the darn Girl Scouts/Moose Patrol/Aquatics Staff/Scoutmaster ((pick one)), (cause the darn Girl Scouts...)

"Will follow you...

(will follow you)

"Oh, you can't get to heaven in a red canoe , 'cause the darn

Girl Scouts will follow you,

"I ain't gonna grieve, my Lord, no more..."



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