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Devil Dog Land/Nav Challenge open to BSA Scouts and Venture Crews

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Greeting scouters from the Spoon River VAlley Young Marines of GAlesburg, Illinois.


You are invited to participate in a Land Navigation foot race we will be holding July 17, 2010, at the ARGYLE LAKE STATE PARK, Colchester, Illinois 0900


The DEVILDOG CHALLENGE is a inter-youth group contest our Young Marines use as a way of testing their ability to navigate with a compass and map over a challenging terrain against other organizations that learn these same skills. It is an orienteering foot race testing endurance, navigation skills, teamwork, and adaptability.


We would like to extend an invitation to other boys and girls ages 8 to 18 in the following Youth Organizations- Boy Scouts and Venture Crews, Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, Girl Scouts, and Junior ROTC Members to join us in our land navigation challenge.


Participating 4-6 member youth-only teams must use their land navigation skills and the required tools (Compass and map) to race to and locate control points using information presented to them along the way. Each control point may specify distance and azimuth to the next control point, a 6 figure grid coordinate (based on your special competition map), or a description of your course using topographic, geographic, and other descriptions of other landmarks and handrails to guide you.

This is not a GPS contest- and no electric aids are allowed.

This is a course set up by the Adult Staff of the Spoon River Valley Young Marines, but they are not the sponsor of this event. All participating units must fill out a State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources activity permit and fill out a Waiver of Release of Liability and submit them to Argyle Lake State Park Site Superintendent Robin Hirchee by June 25th, 2010. Forms are attached to this e-mail. The Spoon River Valley Young Marines is not an official sponsor of any event and will provide no insurance coverage for non-Young Marine Participants in land navigation and hiking activities at Argyle State Park. Therefore all organizations wishing to participate in this land navigation challenge will be required to provide proof of insurance from their respective organizations when filing their paperwork with Argyle Lake State Park.


Please contact Michael Acerra- Adjutant of the Spoon River Valley Young Marines, and let him know if you will be coming so we can insure that we have enough maps for all.

Adjutant Michael Acerra at 309-351-1981 acerra12@comcast.net





For More Info Contact


Argyle Lake State Park Website - http://dnr.state.il.us/lands/landmgt/parks/r1/argyle.htm#Events


Argyle Lake State Park Site Superintendant Robin Hirchee 309-776-5267 DNR.R1Parks@illinois.gov


Unit Commander Marcos Sanchez at 309-344-7436. jjsanchez@grics.net




Youth Group Application


Campground Reservation




You must bring a compass to

successfully navigate the Devil

Dog Challenge course.


You may opt for either a map

compass or a lansatic compass

or both.


The Navigation tools allowed are a special contest course map which is

a grid/contour map, a compass, and a protractor.


No electronic navigation aids such as altimeters, GPS,

or cell phones/walkie talkies are allowed.


An optional navigational aid would be a mapping protractor. There are several types of

protractorsfull circle, half circle, square, and rectangular (Figure 6-5). All of them divide the circle into units of angular measure, and each has a scale around the outer edge and an index mark. The index mark is the center of the protractor circle from which all

directions are measured.


You are advised to bring a light back pack

and a hydration system (camel pack). For those doing the senior challenge course- a backpack with a meal and extra hydration is suggested.




Optional gear- Bug repellent. Sun UV Protection. Extra socks. A hat. Sunglasses. Gloves. Protective clothing. Food. Cutting tool. First Aid kit.



Campground: Argyle Lake - State Park

Known as a fisherman's delight, Argyle Lake State Park has a full complement of recreational opportunities. Just seven miles from Macomb, Argyle Lake also offers picnicking, camping, hiking & boating facilities in a scenic, natural setting. With its 93-acre lake for boating & fishing, five miles of rugged foot trails through luxuriant virgin forests, & full-service campgrounds, this heavily wooded, 1,700-acre site is the ideal place to spend a day, a weekend, or longer. History Rich in local history, Argyle Hollow (now occupied by the lake) was once part of the old stage route between Galena & Beardstown. Several times a week the high-wheeled cumbersome coaches with their double teams of horses rumbled through these beautiful hills & valleys. The region itself long was a source of coal, clay & limestone. In fact, in times past it was common for individuals to open & dig their own "drift mines" to supplement their personal incomes. Several limestone quarries in the general area still are in operation today. In 1948, the state purchased the land from local farmers & homesteaders, erected the dam which created the lake & dedicated Argyle Lake State Park to the citizens of Illinois. Today, whether your preference is viewing wildflowers & fresh foliage in the spring, picnicking, fishing & boating in the summer, appreciating the brilliant fall colors or sledding & snowmobiling in the winter, Argyle Lake State Park is a great place to visit.


Argyle Lake - State Park Campground Web Site


Driving Direction GPS Coordinates:

40.451828, -90.804369


Campground Address:

640 Argyle Park Road

Colchester, IL


Campground Phone Numbers:

Phone: (309) 776-3422






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