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Okay boys and girls..... Extremely stupid question time:


There are dutch ovens and then you have portable grills. But does anybody make a camping version of a crock pot?


I love my crock pot. I'll get up at 6 am and peel some potatoes carrots and an onion. Then I dump a can of either cream of celery, cream of mushroom ( or both) into the crock pot, add my potatoes and carrots and onion - then drop in a pork roast or pot roast.


Most people either cook half a day(4 hrs) on high or all day(8 hrs) on low,. I cook all day ( 7 hrs) on high. The last pot roast barely made ot out of the pot because it kept falling apart due to being soooo tender.


Anyways, I love a crock pot. The biggest draw back I could see is sending out an aroma all day...you might have all kinds of wildlife sitting around with plates and napkins waiting to eat! LOL!


So, is there such a thing as a camping crock pot or dutch crock pot?(This message has been edited by scoutfish)

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If I understand how a crock pot works, it uses low wattage per area heating elements sorrounding a ceramic pot. The low heating rate and disipating heat of the ceramic provides the user with a very long and forgiving cook time without any hot spots.


And you like to make soup.


I think I would use a cast iron dutch oven on a tripod over a fire. Tending the fire and then rasing and lowering the Dutch oven on a chain or rope would provide the temperature control.

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Just a reminder -


Keep in mind that if you are cooking something at your campsite all day, someone MUST be there watching it, all day.


If you leave either a campstove, or hot firebed, going unattended all day, you will have critters in everything, and run a chance of causing a major fire.



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Yes, Coleman sells a propane-fired crockpot/slow cooker. But I have no idea why you'd want one on a camping trip as there are many other things one can cook without spending the money on that gadget. But that's just me, I guess.

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Well,I just like the way a slooooow cooked meal tastes! I use a crock pot at home all the time.


I figured if the made one, you wouldn't spend so much time working a fire and coals. Kinda thought there might be one where you heated up coals and buried the whole thing.


But I did realize that using one in the woods would be the equivelent of sending dinner invitations to Yogi and his friends!


Old Gray Owl, yeah, Thats exactly what I was talking about. Since my son and I are into scouting, and will be camping more, it might come in handy,.


But, please everybody - realize that some camping trips may just be me, the wife and son at a family campground along the coast somewhere....maybe at a NASCAR race too!

Not ALL camping trips are deep in the wilderness.


But I do appreciate all the responses. I can count all my camping trips on both hands and most were before I was an adult!

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You can use a dutch oven to do a version of a bean hole cooking.


Its not very LNT, because digging a hole is involved.




You might be able to make a "no trace" bean hole by building up a mound of earth and digging in hole in that, but you'd have to get the dirt from someplace without digging it up.

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Here we go. I knew there was a way to do this without digging a hole in the ground. It's called a hay box:






http://www.ssrsi.org/Onsite/PDFbin/Haybox_flyer.pdf (this one is a contemporary version with polystyrene insulation)

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Well, I guess I do some things right even if I didn;'t know it was right.

When we had our pack campout, we were responcible for our Fri supper. Everything on Sat was planned. Wolved did breackfast, Bears did lunch and tigers did supper (which was a 200 pound pig cooked on a cooker)


Anyways, we hit Micky D's on the way to the camp at 3 pm. I went to a dollar store and bought two 15" X 24" disposable aluminum/thick foil pans.


I raked the leaves aside in a 3 foot area and set one of the pants on 4 red bricks( stood up vertically) I brought from home. I have a charcol heater ( I thinks thats what it's caled)that I lit the coals in and set in the pan. When the coals were ready, I dimped them out ofthe heater and into the pan. We cooked hot dogs and marshmellows.


When done and completely cooled, I stuck the whole thing in a trash bag.

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