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Blue Beaver Trail (Chattanooga TN) ?

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The thread name brings back some old memories, as we hiked this trail when I was a Scout. I wasn't sure if it was still in operation.


nationaltrails.com has a different mailing address:

Blue Beaver Trail, Inc.

P.O.Box 274

Signal Mountain, TN 37377


I have no idea if it works, but might be worth a try.



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Thanks! I will give that address a try.


We actually tried to hike it based on the pdf a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, the trail is poorly marked, we erred in our course, and had to hurry back down the mountain as we did not want to get caught up there after dark.


With that said, I was shocked that we had several in our group that want to go back and try again. Would like to be able to see if there's updated info and that awards still can be ordered.


Thanks again.


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Out of curiosity, what would it take to set up a trail and make recognitions for the trail? I ask b/c the idea of the district and/or council having units work on a trail that goes around a local recreational area, with a side trail going to the BSA camp, has been proposed.

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My quick internet search came up empty, but I think there's a one or two page document/application out there that lists the requirements. I thought I had accessed it through the national site (www.scouting.org).


If you can't find it online, I would contact your council office and see if they can help you locate it.

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