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2010 Scout Weight Restrictions

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Yep that is the argument given. But when you are outing, you have a minimum of 4 folks as a rule. 1 person treats, two run off to get help. So scouts by that rational wouldn't be doing the carrying. OR if they did want to move the victim, you got three people to move the victim. Now 330 may be pushing it at an average 110#, but say a 240# Devil Dog, that's 80# per person. Much more doable. Plus the larger the group, the ability to rotate carriers develops.


So as you can see I don't buy that argument given.


Also the language used scares me as I do think it's a lawsuit waiting to happen IF a council doesn't enforce the H/W guidelines at ALL events as recommended, instead of just the restricted activities that are mandatory now.


Further OA Ordeals do fall under the mandated activities if memory serves.


Speaking of language, as mentioned the 30 minute rule is not defined, and again I believe leaves an opening for a lawsuit. EDITED: not defined on the actual document, but in the FAQs.


Finally I do not like the response in the FAQ in reference to SSN. IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO RECEIVE EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE PER HIPAA (caps for emphasis).


more later(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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WHOA when did they change it to include the pick up/blacklist? ALSO does that negate the previous edition of the new form that did not include that info? I'll be ticked off if my from is no longer valid after 1 january b/c it is the " old" version of the new form.


Also what I find curioys that some of the verbiage appears different in Section B.


Also I know I read somewhere that Section B had to be filled out for CSDC, with the word "may" and the removal of H/W restrictions for jambo, is that no longer the case for CSDC?

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Equipment capacity and evacuation explanations are not valid explanations for what the policy is doing.


The restriction in on height/weight ratio, not weight.


As pointed out, the 510 guy who is 234 is banned, while the guy 2 taller who weighs the same is OK to go.


The scouts/stretchers and job of carrying out the weight is the same, regardless of the height.


National is trying to enforce a physical fitness standard without actually testing fitness.


For those who think this is great, will we bar smokers? Insulin-dependent diabetics? Scouts on anti-seizure meds? Right now we have all three headed to Philmont this summer but just cut one adult from our crew unless he drops five pounds by then. This same guy did Rim-to Rim on the Grand Canyon two years back at the same weight.


I would feel better about a physicians release that the participant is fit to handle the trip and leave it at that.


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A recent New England Journal of Medicine paper demonstrated that smokers are better off to continue smoking than to gain weight. Obesity is a serious health problem that increases the likelihood of many diseases.


How can Scouting portray itself to be high adventure when the scouters are obese?


Finally, as a physician, scouter, and on the healthlodge staff during two summers, the problem of leaving it to the local MD is that the physician is not likely to understand the rigors to be faced. Too often the mental image that the physician has is of a comedic summer camp that they have seen on television. They do not understand how rigorous scouting can be. The scouter wants to get the approval and is therefore not likely to expound on the strenuous nature of some of the program. The physician is busy and will likely not read a thorough description of possible program. Thus, for too many scouters the physician blessing is not from an adequately informed and knowledgeable physician. Altitude issues are not covered in much detail unless the physician's residency (training) is in a mountainous area. So they may not even know about the increased risks. So having the local physician (or worse a non-physician provider) make the decision is also not a good solution.


I do not fit the weight guidelines and so this affects me as well but it is the right thing to do. We should not be talking to our scouts about fitness when we are obese.

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