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Two (too) deep leadership

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I am looking for some guidance.


Our troop is going caving at a place called Laurel Caverns. During the outing the Scouts will be split because there are levels for those 12 and older and levels for those younger than 12.


My question is do we need two adults with each group? That is the approach we are taking but I am not sure if it is required to maintain two deep leadership.


This is in a public place with guided tours.

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One registered adult with each group with the tour-guide functioning as an adult second. Not a problem. I'm assuming the tour-guide knows what he/she's doing and can handle problems within his tour group.



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Yah, but worth double-checkin' on any caving opportunities in da east, eh?


There's currently a moratorium on all caving in the eastern states because of a disease that is being transmitted to and killing large populations of bats. Da worries are that cavers are transmitting the disease on clothing between caves, and that bats stressed by this disease can't take bein' disturbed by cavers.


Check with da caverns and with da NSS. Even though a commercial enterprise may be operatin' to make money, we should be more responsible users.




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Jerry Clark who is a moderator on that other Scouting Forum.

Merit Badge. com

Works or used to work at Laurel Caverns.

They do a lot of work with Scout groups.

You might want to e-mail the caves or post the question on that other forum.


PS. I think this might be covered in some of the stuff the caves has posted either on their site or in the agreement that that the parents sign.

A word of warning. They are really hot about having all the paper work in order - Permission forms signed dated all the sort of thing.(This message has been edited by Eamonn)

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Thanks for all the great information and the heads about bats and Laural Cavern is specific.


For those who may be interested -


"Commercial caves that cater to tourists, such as Laurel Caverns in Farmington, are not affected by the moratorium.


'People come (to commercial caves) and take tours wearing regular clothes, they're not seasoned cavers who are possibly wearing old clothes or have been in other caves,' said Lisa Hall, director of case studies at Laurel Caverns."


full story



I will be sure the PLC informs the patrols about this issue with bats to help spread the word and help protect the bats.


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We went to Laurl Caverns with the Jamboree Troops after the 2005 Jamboree. I would recommend two adults with each group. One in the front and one in the rear to keep the scouts moving. The one in the front can keep the scouts from getting in trouble. The guides are there to do just that! Guide you!

Just my two cents.

David Harrison (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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