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Steel mug and a plastic spork (lighter than the steel one I lost). I cook, eat, rinse then drink from that mug.


I do not count my folding pocket knife as part of the kit but when I need to I can disect the odd steak with it.


Incidentally I have not washed either item in a very long time. Licked clean with tongue is the spork and the mug gets rinsed twice each meal with a thimble or two of water. When really dry I drink that thimble too. What do you call it over there? Wilderness soup or something?

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175 gram ultimate Frisbee is my plate. Once dinner is over, we can start playing...

Official Sierra Cup is what I drink hot liquids from, or eat chili, or soup.

Titanium spork for eating, sheath knife for cutting (but NOT on the Frisbee!).



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Plastic bowl (from when margarine tubs were sturdy)


Lexan spoon (cream soup shape)


Aluminum cup - either dented or has "character"

(don't drink coffee/allows boiling if needed)


Piece of plastic from a three-ring binder cut to fit shape of bowl for scraping out.


S&P shaker


All components are from 1981 except bowl that cracked on a backpacker in Canada five eyars ago. But I bought 25 more at a house sale for $.10 each. (-:

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I think I have the brother to your skillet. Never failed and oh so useful. (also use it to wake up the ones who sleep in) MSR aluminum pot and titanium fork and spoon. Knife is either pocket knife or (close our eyes National ;) ) a sheath knife made by Mora. (multiple use)


Guyot bowl and frisbee for when company is coming.


Coffee cup is hobo in summer. Hobo handle and tin can. Winter is the double wall titanium with a foil cover.


Eating out of the skillet is one of the things the scouts like to see and learn how to.


Coffee is with the MSR pot and done 'cowboy' style.


Cleaning the pots is what we call YumYum Juice. Sometimes the coffee tastes a little 'off'. ;)



red feather

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The Guyot squishy bowl is really cool. One of our leaders has one. Tempting. http://www.guyotdesigns.com/


I have a Snow Peak titanium plate. It is smaller than a regular plate, and I like that (for potion control). Fill it up once, and it is all I need. I take a REI thermo mug, which I use as a bowl an an measuring cup. I also take a generic plastic thermal plastic mug (20oz?) for coffee and such. I have Snow Peak titanium spork, but that only goes camping; otherwise, I prefer to use lexan kfs.


I have a 40 year old old BSA mess kit. It was my sisters (she was GS, but bought the BSA model). I inherited it as a scout, complete with her initials in hot pink paint. 40 years, and no amount of cooking over a fire, cleaning, scrubbing, scraping or scratching can remove her initials in pink! I gave it to my son to use, now that he is in the troop. He is contemplating how to remove his aunt's intitials from the frying pan and little pot....

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Sierra cup with leather wrapped handle for cooking on backpacking trips.

I have utensil with a fork on one end and a spoon on the other.

I always carry a leatherman when camping, that is what I use to cut stuff when needed.


I always wipe the the Sierra cup clean with "wilderness soup" or bread depending on the meal. I do use the three dish method for "real cleaning" after most meals, it takes about 10 seconds because the cup and utensils are already clean.


There is only one Scout in our troop that has picked up on the sierra cup idea. That is my son. Unfortunately the lesson of easy clean up seems to have escaped him so far. He is typically the Scout who cleans his gear "before" he eats instead of "after" he is done. LOL

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I use the aluminum mess kit for cleaning purposes. Fill fry pan with water, wipe everything clean of food particles, rinse in fry pan water, and hold over fire to sterilize. After 40 years, never got sick from this method. The newer mess kits have a plastic cup, but cups never wear out so once the fry pan or bucket is shot, buy a new kit, dump the pastic cup and replace with metal one. I have the same cup that I had as a kid in scouts. However, I haven't the foggiest idea how many mess kits I've gone through over the years.



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For more years than I care to remember, I've carried an Army canteen cup and 1 qt canteen fits perfectly. I like the titanium spork, canteen cup serves as food plater and drink container. I've recently bought the spork/spatula combo from REI, haven't tried it on a major trail trip yet. I also like my old Peak 1 pot/lid combo. The Coleman Peak 1 stove has long ago burned out, but the pot/lid combo is perfect for cooking, and carrying various MSR stove components. I still have a great set of Nesting Billies from England that I bought back in the early '80s, the medium pot and fry pan lid are great except when a kid tries to do pancakes....

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