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I can see where a parent might be concerned. But there are time that they need to understand that we are not rookies at this.


This past weekend we had a district camporee. There were tornado warnings for the neighboring counties. Of course we were all under severe thunderstorm watches. Yes it rained pretty hard on friday night.


We also had one person that had a police scanner with all the Emergency MGT frequencies and Weather Frequencies. He also had a lightbar on top of his truck (Yellow). When the SM's checked in they were advised that if he was driving up and down the road with his lights on, and sounding the horn in sets of 3 then everyone was to react for a tornado.


When we go camping next month, I already know what our plan is going to be, because I am familiar with the Council site. There is a nice concrete bath house that will be substantial shelter. If there is any doubt there is a small ravine (big Ditch) that will fit all of the pack in it.


When all of the boys are in camp, we will go over these in a quick briefing so that everyone is aware of the locations.


A little pre-plan and training should be enough. If the father wants to buy you a lightening detector, fine. Get there and just set it on top of the chuck box.

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I'm coming to the conclusion that dust-ups like this are the price we pay for working with other people's kids. Seems like I'm dealing with stuff like this on an on-going basis. Lately it's been rare that there hasn't been some on-going issue in the troop that has consumed far more of my time than is should.


Basic gameplan:

Make sure you are doing the right thing.

Make a decision.

Announce the decision.

Move on.


Oh, they'll be squabbling for three more weeks, but let 'em go.

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