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I am sorry to hear that but not surprised. I really enjoyed my hike there.

The ranch is owned by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

I know that when the ranch was willed to RMEF that there was a clause that it must be used in some way for youth. I got the felling when I was there that most of the ranch hands did not think it was a good idea to have all of the scouts hiking there.

It is a working ranch, but it is also a place to hunt, If memory serves me correctly 20,000 dollars will get you a week of hunting Elk.

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I had heard that Double H was closing as well. Liked to have fell over. Our troop took two crews to Double H in 2008. The boys and adults love the concept. I called it Philmont EXTREME ! Because it was so much different than the main Philmont Ranch and NO TRAILS. You had to live up to the LEAVE NO TRACE as the properties were not ours. Even the land was so much different. I guess it was the different taste of high adventure that was so unique about it.


I will have to say one thing though. The staff that has served at the Double H ranch were great. Most of all in the first aid or rescue areas. They were the best and were very professional. KODOS STAFFERS.


Lets just hope that Double H can reappear again in the future.

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After posting a story about Double H Closing on Scouting News



I found additional information, which I posted in the comments. An article in the Philmont Staff Association magazine stated:


Although the BSA is eager to maintain this facility, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is having difficulty financing its future operations. To date, BSA volunteers have put in more than 17,400 hours of conservation work on the Double H.


Sorry I can't tell you which issue it was in as I have packed up all of my physical belongings in prep for a year overseas.



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The expectation for all treks going at Double H was to provide service for a conservation project.


I do know that some in the RMEF were not real happy with Scouts on the grounds. Unlike Philmont, the wildlife was not quite used to humans but were getting there. Humans = food. But I will say that the guides and the folks I was with took extreme caution to strictly follow Leave No Trace quidelines.


My trek there in 2007 was wonderful.

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I too was there summer 2008 and indeed KUDOS to the staff, they were excellent and we had a great time at Martins Ranch. Does anyone have any specific stories about how great the staff was which would indicate how sad it is to see their programs end? I remember several staff members such as James and Chris who were great with the youth at teaching and challenging them with shooting and cooking. Any other good stories to tell?

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