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REQUEST: Please update your profile...

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Many members of this board do not list where they're from.


Why not?


If we're all fellow scouters here, why can't we list where we're from. Don't feel comfortable listing your exact location? That's fine. Make it slightly vague as I did mine.


Why do I think this is important?


Different places--different contexts. For example, what someone from the southern part of the USA views as winter weather camping, someone from the northern USA would view as "normal" spring/fall conditions (at some of our past spring/fall camporees , I've seen overnight temps in the teens and frost so heavy the scouts were able to scoop it together and hold a frostball fight).


But if let's say that the person who asks this question doesn't have his location listed when s/he asks: "How do you prepare your troop for winter camping?"


The answer isn't going to be what s/he's looking for if s/he's in Southern Louisiana, when someone from Maine answers his/her question. Explaining how to build quinces snow shelters and referring to chapter 13 of the current BSA Fieldbook (starting on page 193) isn't going to help this person very much, where a dusting snow is a rare event, never mind enough to build a shelter in.


And I'm just using this as a general example. Keep in mind this is a world-wide forum, not just the USA.


Listing your location (even generally) will help everyone out as they reply to your posts.


So, again, please update your profile with your location. We are all part of the same family of scouting.


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For the record, this is not the forum I thought I posted this in. I thought this was posted in Open Discussion, but somehow it wound-up under SCOUTER Announcements. My apologies for the goof at my end!

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I've updated my profile too many times to bother.


It "takes" for awhile then disappears. Until the sys ops figure out why the records continue to disappear, and fix the problem, I won't bother.


It has nothing to do with wishing to remain anonymous.

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Went out and tried to update my profile. Afterword went back to a previous post of mine, clicked "view profile", and saw nothing.

Me thinks there be a glitch.

For the record, and should anyone be remotely interested, I am in Kansas City, Missouri.( And one of a small handful of rebels that refuses be a KU fan. How so many folks in Missouri can love a Kansas team challenges my weak mind!)

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Thats interesting. I entered my profile back when I joined in early January and Ive experienced no problem with it.


Now if I had better luck with adding my unit to All Scout Units on the Web. Ive submitted my data twice over the last three months and it still hasnt appeared.





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Anarchist: I joined several years ago, and I noticed every few months, my profile went blank -- so I would diligently redo it.


After 5-6 times, I finally said the heck with it. And apparently I'm not the only one.


We'll see how long it "sticks" this time.

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