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I really don't consider myself a "snob" but I do like a good cup of joe and think I can tell a good cup from a lousy cup.


I really like Starbucks (fourbucks) latte. Their standard cup of joe is a bit burnt, but I don't mind it, just can't drink a lot of it.


I hate HATE hate flavored coffees. Hazelnut, french vanilla, et al. I'll even forego my morning joe if that's all there is.


For camping, I'll pick up a few of those tiny vacuum packed store brand Columbian Roast sleeves at Safeway. Use one pack per batch. Makes for the freshest, cleanest and easiest to pack.

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Personally, I've switched to Tim Horton's. They tell me aboot fifteen million Canadians can't be wrong, eh?


Must not pollute with additions or flavors!

Forget the frue frue Starbucks stuff - just black and strong - not bitter.

Many people make bitter coffee so they add junk. I must have some that is not bitter & I learned to make it without any type of coffe maker.  Stuck in a lab with a bunsen burner, beakers and paper towels.  I even had others come for bench top coffee as it was never bitter.  Can't really tell you how to do it as others have tried but no luck.  If I have a way to boil water and coffee, I can make it. 

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Not to turn this into a one-up-man-ship game but someitmes I just eat the coffee right out of the can.


But only when I can't get my caffine I.V. system to work.




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Okay, as for Reheating and serve stories.


The story as told to me during my 1987 deployment on the USS Sumpter,

LST 1181, a Newport class Landing Ship Tanks. Is that from her Commissioning Date: 20 June 1970 to the date we left (16-17 years) once the first pot of coffee was made the Big Bunn coffee urns in the main mess deck were NEVER cleaned. They may have scraped out enough to lower the coffee filter carrier down into the water but they never cleaned out the pot.


Having done my turn as a messman for the embarked troops I can verify that when I was there, there was at least a 1.25 inch thick layer of "seasoning" around the edge of the pot.


Now that was coffee....



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OK, I'll be the goat. I actually prefer to bring instant coffee on back packing trips. Being a retired MGySgt, I learned early in the Marines to strip down the load and carry the essentials. No coffee maker, no sugar, no cream...just instant coffee, a canteen cup, and heat tabs. I use a stove instead of heat tabs now, but the principal is the same. I do have a little cylinder thing for making drip coffee by the cup that doesn't add a lot of weight, but the instant is a lot more convenient and the gadget doesn't make the coffee noticeably better.

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I take coffee bags on backpacking trips for the weight value.


Drink it fresh ground at home, but troop likes Folger's - have managed to at least get them to buy the higher end Folger's. But there is something about drinking it outdoors that adds a really nice flavor, no matter what kind it is.


The stronger the better, the Turks have it right. Tim Horton's, meaning no offense, is brown water.


Flavors are nasty whether in coffee or beer.


Navy hubby talks about the day some unfortunate newbie cleaned the captain's coffee pot...


Vicki(This message has been edited by Vicki)

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Sadly there are two things that Americans have yet to master.

One is making good cheese, the other is making tea.

The tea is so terrible on this side of the pond I quit drinking it.

I don't think I'm a snob.

I do drink a lot of coffee.

At standing camps I use my French Press.

I have been known to use them bag things!! But it takes about 3 of them to make something that tastes like coffee.

I also use a stove top Espresso coffee maker. Normally with a Italian bended coffee, or I will just let the grinder run for a while.

At home we have a machine that we fill with the beans (Normally Kona). You set the dial for how many cups and it does the rest.

Putting egg shells in coffee?

Man Oh Man I hope you check that they are clean first!!

You might be better off taking an egg white from a pasteurized egg beating it slightly and adding it to the pot.

The protein in the egg will coagulate and hold the coffee grinds this is how you clear a consume. The shells really do nothing for the coffee it's the egg white in the shell that's doing the work.

(Yes among my other talents I am a Certified Executive Chef.)




There are times when sending some one out to the nearest gas station is the best idea!!


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Recipe from my Turkish college housemate, Raffi Karahisar, wherever he is (mousaka to be willing to wait for):


In a pot sufficiently large: (experience reveals allow for about twice the volume): How many cups do you want to make?

That number of cups of cold water plus one.

That number of heaping table spoons of coarse ground coffee (Maxwell House will do) plus one.

That number of tablespoons of sugar, plus one. Stir once.

Put on stove/fire and bring to a rolling boil. Boil for one more minute.

Immediately pour into cups.

Let sit for one minute.

Drink hot, (but not the last half inch of mud!).

Do not reuse grounds. Spread on garden for compost.


Raffi had an excellent command of english but had a hard time understanding folks from Baustun. eyuh.


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Now, I hope every one of you who has responded to this thread has earned the "Eagle Required" Coffee Drinking Merit Badge:




Otherwise, you aren't "qualified" to post in this thread! :)


More seriously, I'm not much of a coffee drinker--I'm very caffeine sensitive and what's the point of drinking that stuff it it doesn't have caffeine in it?


Others have answered the original poster's question, so I don't need to say similar in regards to a perk (which is what I use on trips).


However, back in my days in Lubbock, Texas, the other leaders in the troop I volunteered in did 'modified' cowboy coffee. Rather then throw the grounds directly in boiling water, we tossed them into a nylon stocking (leggs, or whatever brand you can snag), tie a knot in it and toss that into the boiling water.


If they didn't have a sock on hand, they'd drop the grounds right in the pot. After pulling it off the fire, they'd drop a cup of cold water into it. This forced the grounds to the bottom of the pot. Just be sure you don't drink the last cup!


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"The protein in the egg will coagulate and hold the coffee grinds this is how you clear a consume."


I'll be danged, I've always wondered why egg shells would settle the grounds. I've also read that a little cold water will cause the grounds to settle but I've never tried it.


Camping coffee? Fill the drip coffee maker with water, dump a bunch of Eye-talian roast into it and light off the stove.


One thing that I've learned over the years is that it is difficult to convince people to use more grounds instead of less. "oh, that will be too strong" followed by "Your coffee is good, what's your secret."

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Another thing - the condensed coffee reminded me - the best coffee ever was when we were in Peru. Liquid concentrate that was just marvelous stuff. When we first got to our living quarters, they had a hard time understanding that we wanted two of the tiny concentrate pitchers to one carafe of boiling hot water and not vice versa. Marvel of international communications that we managed to arrive at an understanding! We have yet to find a source of that wonderful elixir (sigh).



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"One is making good cheese,"


Now that you've offended the entire state of Wisconsin, I hope that you're not claiming that the English make anything edible that is good.


To borrow from Poirot, "The English don't have the cuisine, they have the food." :-)



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