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Personally, I've switched to Tim Horton's. They tell me aboot fifteen million Canadians can't be wrong, eh?

Amen to that John-in-KC....nothing better than Campfire coffee.


Seriously though, unlike a drip coffee maker, strength of coffee in a perk depends much more on perk time than on quantity of coffee grounds. So this will be trial and error for you until you find what you like. I always perk mine until it is strong and haven't gotten a complaint from the line of leaders at mytent yet ;)

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Ditch the perculator and try this...


Cary's Cowboy Coffee


Throw your coffee into coffee pot or pot (I go with three scoops of coffeefor 12 cups)

Add water

Bring the concotion to near boiling.

Take off the heat source

Let stand for 5-6 minutes

Pour contents into cup slowly


Drink up...do not take the last sip or you will have a mouthfull of coffee grounds.


I have been doing this for years, and several Scouters love my coffee.

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Have to echo the sediments on the French Press.

I have the java kit for the Jet Boil and its worth the weight for that fast first cup of morning coffee.


Got banned from making coffee in my former office, folks claimed I stood a few too many Coast Guard Mid-watches. No complaints from the current office yet.




Phillip Martin

Scoutmaster Troop 700

Juneau Alaska

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Make PureIces's cowboy java in the morning while making breakfast. Throw your eggshells into the coffe pot, they will drag the suspended grounds to the bottom of the coffee pot making it easier to pour. (Strain through teeth as needed :) )

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Cowboy coffee is Freedom Press coffee, just hold the grounds.

Or Freedom Press coffee is cowboy coffee when the screen breaks or doesn't seal properly. That is of course if you don't boil the water. Might as well boil your socks too if you let it reach a boil. Flavor is the same.

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The most important thing to remember about the process is whoever complains makes the next pot.

If my ASM is along I don't even bring grounds, I just make sure we've got enough water.

Don't need the horseshoe to float for me, just need the spoon to stand up.

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A correction on Purcelce recipe:


(I go with three scoops of coffeefor 12 cups)


(I go with three scoops of coffeefor 1-2 cups)


Got the french/freedom press down pretty good. A couple of floating grounds but a couple of taps on the side of the cup sends most of 'em down.


We had a guy ( who is an executive CHEF ) bring his own 'condensed' coffee - just add water. What he did was to boil down his leftover coffee from home so they could make quick on-the-run stuff in the microwave. Talk about nasty! He is now the guy we put with the apple on his head when we do our archery demostrations. :-)







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